Video Tutorials

Tour of the Employee Interface 1:24
How to Add a Goal to Your Own Appraisal 4:52
How to Take a Note on Yourself 2:28
How to Score Your Self Appraisal 5:33
How to Give Multi-rater Feedback 1:49
Tour of the Manager Interface 2:12
How to Add Goals to an Employee’s Appraisal 3:22
Adjust the Weight of Goals 1:45
How to Cascade Goals and Measurements to Multiple Employees 4:29
How to Take Notes on Your Employees 2:12
How to Score an Employee’s Appraisal 6:14
How to Request Anonymous Multi-rater Feedback 1:43
How to Request Multi-Rater Feedback 2:29
How to Get Different Feedback from Different Multi-Raters 3:05
Oops…You Forgot to Add Goals to an Employee’s Appraisal. 1:31
How to Approve or Disapprove an Appraisal 2:26
How to Address a Disapproved Appraisal 2:44
When to Archive an Employee’s Appraisal 1:56
How to Print an Appraisal 1:58
See an Employee’s Past Appraisals 0:58
Tour of the Administrator Interface 3:25
Export a List of Employees 0:32
How to Use the Trakstar Organization Chart 1:29
How to Update Appraisal Dates in Bulk 2:22
How to Update Mangers in Bulk 3:20
How to Create an Ad-Hoc (One Time) Appraisal 2:09
How to Create a Second Recurring Appraisal Set 2:29
An Overview of the Processes Tab 4:51
Rating Scales in Trakstar 7:12
How to Build Groups (Departments) in Trakstar 1:30
Performance Ranking Report 7:04
Trakstar’s Competency Library 6:51
Rater Bias Report 4:18
Performance History Report 4:25
Rating Distribution Report 4:25