Video Tutorials

Tour of the Employee Interface 4:17
How to Add a Goal to Your Own Appraisal 6:28
How to Take a Note on Yourself 5:04
How to Score your Self-Appraisal 8:34
How to Set Goals for the Future 3:03
How to Provide Multi-rater Feedback on a Colleague 5:50
How to See My Archived Appraisals 1:34
The Manager’s “Home” Button 5:17
How to Add Goals to an Employee’s Appraisal 3:16
How to Delete a Goal 2:10
Adjust the Weight of Goals 1:52
How to Cascade Goals to Multiple Employees 4:13
How to Cascade Measurements to Multiple Employees 5:13
How to Take Notes and Provide Feedback on/to Employees 4:17
How to Score an Employee’s Appraisal (No Multi-rater) 8:33
How to Request Anonymous Multi-rater Feedback 3:43
How to Invite Multi-rater Feedback 3:47
How to Get Different Multi-rater Feedback from Different People 3:15
Override a self-appraisal or Send Self-appraisal back for changes 1:46
Oops. I forgot to Add Goals to an Employee’s Appraisal. 2:39
How to Send for Approval 3:32
How to Approve/Disapprove an Appraisal 2:51
How to deal with a Disapproved Appraisal 1:54
When to Archive an Employee’s Appraisal 4:04
How to Print and Archive an Appraisal 4:36
Why am I getting delinquent emails? 1:20
See an Employee’s Past Appraisals 2:54
How to Set Goals on a Future Appraisal Document 2:21
How to Reset a User’s Password 1:29
How to Add a New Employee 5:03
How to Terminate an Employee 3:54
Export a List of Employees 0:39
How to Change the Appraisal Period 2:00
How to Schedule an Ad-Hoc (One-time) Appraisal 4:14
How to Create a 2nd Recurring Appraisal Set 3:24
How to Change Managers in Bulk 2:41
How to Change Appraisal Dates in Bulk 4:48
How to Use the Trakstar Org Chart 2:52
The Phases of an Appraisal (Train Stops) 4:02
What the Green Check Marks Mean 4:16
An Overview of the Processes Tab 4:38
Scheduling Appraisals in the Processes Area 3:11
How to Change the Signature Lines on an Appraisal 2:32
How to Adjust the Way Scores Look on an Appraisal 4:31
How to Build Approvals Routes in Trakstar 11:18
Positions and Appraisal Forms in Trakstar 8:41
How to use Templates on Appraisal Forms 4:23
Form Design Permissions 9:48
The Trakstar Competency Library 1:16
How to Add a New Competency to the Library 2:28
Your Company Settings 1:49
How to Build Groups (Departments) in Trakstar 1:42
Use the Trakstar Log to See What’s Happened 2:35
Setting up Trakstar Emails 6:01
Rating scales 3:54
How Trakstar calculates appraisal scores 7:19
Performance Ranking Report 7:04
Rater Bias Report 4:18
Performance History Report 4:25
Rating Distribution Report 4:25
Request Multi-Rater Feedback for the President 3:47
Bulk Archive Appraisals 4:59