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17 November 2016

Everyone Has an Opinion on your Performance Review System – Now What?

When implementing any system, especially a performance review system at your organization, it is important to solicit, collect, and consider feedback from both stakeholders and end users. In order for a positive adoption of the tool you must be open to iteration, but also steadfast in your end mission. Outlined below are three tips for…

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08 September 2016

8 Habits of Highly Successful HR Admins

We often get asked here at Trakstar about best practices around various aspects of appraisals and performance management. While each organization has their own culture, goals and processes to contend with we want to provide some guiding best practices that will apply to everyone with an electronic performance appraisal system. Check out these eight pro-tips…

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18 August 2016

The Golden Rule of an Employee Evaluation System

Do as I say and not as I do. This idiom is repeated time and time again from parents to children and management to employees, specifically with employee evaluation systems. While we are all aware of the underlying meaning of the saying, not everyone may be aware of the adverse effect it can have on…

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05 May 2016

7 Facts You Need to Know Before Giving Employee Feedback

We’ve all heard the numbers around what an engaged employee means for your profits or how detrimental an actively disengaged employee will be to your entire team. However, here are seven things we think you should know about what motivates employees to succeed and how you can incorporate them into your feedback approach.   98%…

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28 April 2016

Introducing Trakstar’s New Look

The past few months our team has been heads down redesigning the new look of Trakstar, and on Saturday, April 30, our new look will be live! Some highlights of the new user interface include streamlined typefaces and colors, a new ultimate search bar, and the ability to white label your Trakstar site. If you are…

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26 April 2016

How to Foresee the Future with Performance Management, Development, and Culture

Anticipating the unknown is a stressful job. Are we hiring the right people? Are we providing them the right resources and environment to succeed? Questions like these could really use a crystal ball but since that’s not an option, here are three ways to ease the unknown and take control of our future.   Give…

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