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25 July 2017

Succession Planning in Trakstar – The ‘Why’ and The ‘How’

If done right, succession planning is a great way to prepare your workforce and your organization for success in the future. Succession planning is the practice of identifying high-potential employees who will do well in leadership roles and will benefit from additional responsibilities and training. The Succession Planning feature in Trakstar works to confidentially compare…

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14 March 2017

How to Increase Employee Buy-In to the Appraisal Process

Many employees and managers alike are not huge fans of the performance appraisal, which can defeat the purpose of giving one. Dissatisfaction with, and perceived unfairness about, the performance appraisal process can have grave implications on employee morale, decreasing engagement and increasing the likelihood of turnover. But, research still maintains that having a properly-constructed review process…

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19 January 2017

Modernizing Access with Single Sign-On

As more and more organizations choose Trakstar, we see an increasing variety in how organizations provide their users access to important applications. Recently, we’ve made major improvements in how users can sign in to Trakstar, and allowed admins more flexibility in implementing alternatives to the standard username and password login, such as single sign-on (“SSO”)….

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17 December 2013

Fixed Date Notifications

Need to send an email on a specific date to all Trakstar users? Now you can! We call this feature “Fixed Date Notifications.” –  Send a reminder about internal processes on January 15th. –  Share training dates with all Trakstar users, if you have set a time, on March 12th. –  Send anything you want…

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19 April 2013

3 Strategies That High-Performing Companies Always Follow

3 Strategies That High-Performing Companies Always Follow Any HR professional can tell you that, in the end, company success comes down to who you hire and how well they perform. But, with so much advice out there, what are some tried-and-true fundamentals for getting the highest performance out of your employees? Below you’ll find three…

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26 November 2012

Sabrina made pulled-pork sandwiches!!

With the leftover Thanksgiving pork, she made pulled pork sandwiches for the office!! Cooper (the office dog) was pretty happy too

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