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17 May 2016

Performance Management is the UI of Employees

Recently we launched the new interface of Trakstar and we can’t help but admit how exciting it is to update our look. Though a design reinvention includes modernization of aesthetics, what our update really means is we can provide our customers a more streamlined and intuitive performance management system. This change got us thinking about…

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03 May 2016

Questions To Ask Your Team Before Employee Performance Appraisals

Creating a collaborative environment for your employee performance appraisal process can make the experience more meaningful and ensure you’re touching on what the employee finds important. Ask these 7 questions before the next performance appraisal and you might be surprised how much more engaged in the process your employees become!   What were your goals…

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21 April 2016

3 Reasons Why a Performance Review Application can Help you Handle Exceptional Performance

If you were to ask a manager about the type of performance they worry about how to handle most, many would say performance that falls below average. Many companies have a process in place in their performance review application to handle employees that are struggling. However, most of those same processes are not equipped to…

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07 April 2016

Making Performance Feedback Count

Giving performance feedback is sometimes a dreaded job. While improvements need to be made in employee performance, it can be a challenge to get feedback across in a way that is digestible and actionable. Every manager has their own unique approach to giving performance feedback. Here are 4 employee performance feedback tips from today’s professionals…

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17 March 2016

How to Find the Best Performance Appraisal Methods for Your Team (Part 2)

Last time we discussed manager-driven performance appraisal methods and what some of the more commonly used ways are to track and rate employee performance. Now, we are diving into peer and employee-driven methods because it’s important for employers to have a performance appraisal process that comes full circle. Peer-Driven Methods It’s just as important to…

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15 March 2016

How to Find the Best Performance Appraisal Methods for Your Team (Part 1)

Managing employee performance is a delicate process. Weeding out inefficiency and determining where a company’s strengths lie isn’t just a hop, skip and jump away. Every company is different and within every company are even more distinct teams. The performance appraisal process is important because it supports the development of the employees and by extension,…

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