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A Conversation with Trakstar CEO Julie Rieken

Posted by Trakstar • August 25, 2022 (Last modified August 26, 2022) • 4 min read

Trakstar’s CEO, Julie Rieken, has taken Trakstar through some of its biggest changes and moves, as well as challenges. She’s positioned herself as a thought leader in the industry, with the PeopleStar Podcast, webinars, articles, and so much more. But who is our CEO and why should HR leaders trust her with their talent development?

Recently, we had Julie sit down and answer some pressing questions about herself, Trakstar, Human Resources, and talent development. These are her answers:

Tell Us About Yourself!



I love work. I love a challenge, and we’ve got one! Our world has changed, and it’s energizing to hear the voices of our customers paired with the creativity of our teams at Trakstar so that we can build meaningful software solutions for people, at work.

Outside of work, I’m a runner and a bead artist.

What Is It That You Love About Beadwork? 

I place a high value on creativity. I love the idea of a finite canvas with infinite possibilities. I love the feel of beads – opacity, translucency, color, size. Beads have a voice and it’s so interesting to see where they decide to take you.

You’re A Runner – What’s Your Favorite Running Song? 

A song for all seasons, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Who Has Had The Most Impact On Your Professional Life?

My dad. He loves work and I do, too. I’ve learned so much from him about what blessing work is.

To hear more about Julie’s dad and Trakstar, be sure to listen to his podcast episode: Building A Business from the Ground Up with Glenn Martin.

How Do You Define Success?

Success happens when you have the courage to try.

What Scares You About The Future?

I do not have fear of the future.

What Makes You Hopeful About The Future?

Creativity. Just when we think we’ve exhausted all possibilities, someone sees something in a new way.

All About Trakstar

How Would You Describe Trakstar In 25 Words?

People are happier and healthier when they know their work matters.

What Are Some Of The Values Behind Trakstar?

Independence, initiative.

I like when people independently see something they want to solve, then take the initiative to after it. A great example recently is Chris McClave (our Chief Technical Officer) – I asked him to help with a job description. He jumped in and offered a new perspective on how to organize the job, how to delineate responsibilities, and how to phrase the duties. His collaboration will change the way we think about jobs going forward, in a great way.

Trakstar Is Primarily Remote – What Challenges Does That Present?

It’s not always easy. Humans want to connect, and Zoom does a great job of removing connection despite its best efforts to outthink it. I think this will have long-term effects on our national, collective ability to innovate as organizations.

We recently brought a few team members together for a planning session. The joy and fun were tangible.

Why Did You Start The PeopleStar Podcast?

I love meeting new people and having conversations, and hearing stories. Every person has an interesting experience working with others in people and HR. We can learn from one another, and learn as we retell stories and reflect.

What’s Your Favorite Feature Of Trakstar?

Hmm. Just one? I’m really into benchmarking now. I *love* to know how we stack up compared to others. It’s so helpful.

Maybe my second favorite is Trakstar Learn courses. Our instructional designer, Jessie, has created works of art and learning that help everyone.

Where Do You See Trakstar in 5 Years?

We beautifully serve and listen to our customers, helping them attract, retain, and engage their employees, resulting in better outcomes.

About Talent Development and Human Resources

What Do You Think Is Changing About Talent Development?

I think we’re making it better in many ways with better, more targeted content through remote delivery for basic concepts. And sometimes, learning is not about the content, it’s about the interaction. It’s important to consider when we need content, and when we need connection. 

I’m reminded of a recent interaction with my daughter’s middle school teacher, who prioritized tech in the classroom. “Imagine,” she said, “our kids can learn, anytime, anywhere about an Australian Sandmite!” 

But, I think we often derive more benefit from human connection than content. And we need both. I think we’re going to get to a great blend of personal learning and remote learning as a result of workforce changes.

What Will Always Stay The Same?


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