Anonymity in Trakstar Engagement

As we introduce our brand new module, Trakstar Engagement, we wanted to take a moment to talk about how the solution offers anonymity to survey respondents. Your employees will feel compelled to honestly respond to your engagement surveys if they know their identity is protected. And accurate feedback is how your organization learns what it’s doing well and how it can improve.

Trakstar ensures the anonymity of survey respondents in the following ways:

  • Survey responses are completely anonymous. User responses are assigned a unique identifier so that Administrator(s) cannot see who submitted which response.
  • At least five employees must submit responses before survey results become accessible.
  • Similarly, the segmentation feature with Trakstar Engagement requires that at least five employees belong to a segment before they are filterable. Otherwise, their responses will be rolled into the entire group of unfiltered responses.

Anonymity is a win-win for both your organization and its employees when it comes to company pulse surveys. Team members will be comfortable sharing what’s truly on their mind and, in turn, your organization will gather valuable feedback it can use to further boost employee engagement.

If you have any questions about Trakstar Engagement, feel free to contact our support team.