Common Problems Growing Companies Face

Posted by Dave • June 29, 2018 (Last modified August 28, 2019) • 3 min read

Every company strives to grow. It means customers are happy, employees are working hard, and the business is achieving its goals, maybe even faster than anticipated.

However, with success comes new hurdles to overcome. Challenges related to growth are good problems to have but they’re still problems nonetheless. They need to be confronted head-on if the company hopes to keep progressing. They also require smart solutions since the stakes are higher for an organization that is already experiencing success.

Let’s explore some common problems growing companies face and consider what it takes to conquer these challenges.

Responding to new challenges and opportunities

Depending on the problem, emerging challenges can actually be opportunities for your organization. Your business can identify areas that need more attention and will be drivers of further growth with the right approach.

The best way to seize these opportunities is often to hire specialists who have experience in specific areas. Filling multiple roles is a challenge in and of itself so be sure your company takes advantage of hiring software and has an effective sourcing and interview process.

Focusing on the future

A growing company should never be content with its present level of success. It should always have an eye toward the future so the business continues to get even bigger and better.

It’s easy to get caught up in the many immediate challenges growth presents but it’s important to plan ahead with a long-term business roadmap. It should outline where the organization hopes to get over a certain time period – and what it will take to get there – so growth never plateaus.

Effectively leading the staff

Maintaining growth requires strong leadership, especially from department managers. Each team has numerous priorities and contributing employees need to know which ones matter the most.

Every department must have specific goals that help the company achieve the growth targets on the business roadmap. Managers should then assign relevant projects and daily tasks to each team member that result in the department contributing to the company’s continuing progress.

Establishing consistent processes and policies

Maintaining business success calls for well-defined processes and policies. When a company is small it’s fine to have a relaxed attitude toward how employees work but structure becomes necessary as the organization grows.

A seasoned HR professional should have no problem defining the right processes and policies but the challenge is making sure every employee is aware of them. It’s important to have a concise employee handbook and properly onboard new hires so everyone in the company knows how they’re expected to conduct themselves.

Defining the culture

Actively creating a work environment that is positive, inclusive, and reflects the company’s values is a must for growing organizations. If a culture isn’t defined many negative elements can form that will become more entrenched as the company expands.

The leadership team should work with HR to create a set of values every employee is expected to keep in mind as they go about their work. This may sound like a difficult exercise but most founders start their companies with a vision for the culture they want to have and just need help making their idea come to fruition.

Managing and recognizing employee performance

As more people join the staff, it can be challenging to ensure everyone is doing impactful work. On the flipside, it can also be challenging to make sure successful employees are getting the recognition they deserve.

Conducting frequent performance reviews helps managers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team members and employees learn where they need to improve. Employee performance software is a valuable asset for companies with a growing workforce that understand the importance of effective feedback.

Solve problems and continue to grow

Business growth presents several unexpected challenges that can hinder progress if ignored. Identify problems when they first occur and come up with smart solutions so your company reaches even greater heights.


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