Every day at Trakstar, we celebrate PRIDE.

Posted by Trakstar • June 3, 2022 (Last modified June 6, 2022) • 1 min read

It’s a time to reflect on our beliefs and how, as leaders, our beliefs and experiences have the ability to affect the people in our organizations and their loved ones.

  • A friend has a child who recently transitioned into their true identity, including changing their name.
  • A friend has a partner who is finding themselves, and the partner is ready to embrace the person they are, wholeheartedly.
  • A friend has taken to activism to help empower change inside our school district, with great results.
  • A friend recently spoke to young people in a learning setting, and the young person asked: “How can the school community support LGBTQIA youth who may not have support at home?”
  • A friend has a young person ready to formally associate with the gender they identify with as a part of natural milestones in time and wants to do so quietly.

At Trakstar, we will continue to learn from these friends. We will be intentional in listening to our employees and recognizing the positive effects our organization can have through our collective actions and intentions on the lives of others.

We will support our people and the ones they love.  

With our voices.

Through our actions. 

With Pride.

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