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Father’s Day 2018

Posted by Julie • June 8, 2018 (Last modified June 8, 2022) • 5 min read


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work?

My dad is the hardest worker I know. He loves work of all types. He is one of the founders of Trakstar. He had an idea and fully committed to its success, dedicating nights, weekends, early mornings, evenings and holidays to the cause.  I learned that sheer will to succeed is a powerful force.

Do you have a story about you dad and work that you’d like to share?

When I was in high school, at one time our family moved three times in two years. Upon arrival in the final location, the company shut down the division and planned to move us once more. Our family was tired and needed stability. He quit the job, risking everything to take a job with a then-small company with underperforming financials and a CEO who’d just been kicked out by the Board (Steve Jobs and Apple.) It’s hard to imagine the combination of fear and responsibility he must have felt, but he succeeded and we survived. It was a lesson in courage that I will always admire.

What do you want your dad to know?

I want my dad to know that I appreciate the gift of opportunity he has given me. I want him to know that the risks he took in building a business from scratch were courageous. I want him to see that hours he spent building the company started an engine that now provides for my family and for our employee’s families. I want him to know what he started is safe in my hands.



How has your dad influenced you?

My dad is one of the nicest human beings I know. I know everyone thinks so and they’re probably right too. He is courageous, selfless and so so loving! I have learnt to value myself from him. He has taught me and my sister that it is crucial to put ourselves completely into whatever we do to make sure it has the best we can give it. That is something that’s stuck with us all along and has helped us succeed as well.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work?

His mantra was that hard work needs to be the only thing you need to focus on. If you’ve done a good day’s work, you can sleep that night regardless of anything else. My being conscientious, regular, dedicated, focused, ethical and honest is all thanks to him. I am still miles away from the professional he used to be but it’s something I strive to be everyday. My question to myself in unusual/ different situations: what would dad do if he were here?

What do you want your dad to know ?

I want to give my dad a huge hug (and I will too, like everyday) as gratitude for all the opportunities he has given us growing up and being a friend more than anything else. He is my role model and I want to be the kind of parent he and my mom are to us with my daughter.



What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work?

My dad is my greatest teacher.  Lesson One: No matter how far you’ve gone, there is always more to learn.  He received his BS and went to grad school at Yale and then straight on to get his Doctorate at Columbia.  (HE IS SO SMART!) Later in life he went back to school for his MBA in order to be most successful in his CEO role.  He’s now getting his Sommelier Certification just for kicks! Which brings me to the second lesson: It’s OK to wear more than one hat.  My dad is a professional photographer, a Wine Master in training, a published writer, and he is an international leader in Public Health and Pharma.  He blows me away with his desire to continually add hats to his collection!

Do you have a story about you dad and work that you’d like to share?

When my dad heard that I had an interview for ATSI/Trakstar he was so excited. The day before my interview I got a package from him, shipped international/overnight, from Toronto.  Inside the box was a new purse and a note: “For your interview 😉 “  That’s who my dad is.  A guy who jumps on the little things and is always encouraging me to “go for it.”  (One more thing! My dad just texted: “Hey, talking to an HR Mgr that hates her paper reviews.  What’s your website?)



What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work?

My dad was born into a tough life back in El Salvador. He grew up having to fight and work hard for simple things most people take for granted. He has taught me to work hard and to put 100% into everything I do, while still maintaining my values, honesty, integrity, and self-worth. Also that any of my goals are possible just by being consistent and working hard. None of my life successes would be possible without the guidance and lessons learned from my dad. This FD holiday (and every day) I thank my dad for helping shape the person and work ethic I have today.


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