Fixed Date Notifications

Posted by Mack • December 17, 2013 (Last modified June 13, 2022) • 1 min read

Need to send an email on a specific date to all Trakstar users? Now you can!

We call this feature “Fixed Date Notifications.”
–  Send a reminder about internal processes on January 15th.
–  Share training dates with all Trakstar users, if you have set a time, on March 12th.
–  Send anything you want on the day you want!

It’s important to note that the email you create is set to repeat annually on the day you choose, so if you wish for the email to be a one-time reminder, just delete it once it has been sent and create new emails as needed.

Here is how to set a fixed date notification:
refer to the KB article: Fixed Date Notifications

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