How to Go About Choosing Competencies for Your Online Performance Review Software

Posted by Renee • November 10, 2016 (Last modified July 29, 2018) • 1 min read

The process of choosing competencies can help identify performance areas that support organizational success.  Core competencies within your online performance review
software are instrumental tools that are needed to sustain strategies for adaptation and growth.  Having a defined set of competencies also shows employees the kind of behaviors your organization values, and the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to perform the job.


There are many different methods to go about selecting online performance review software competencies:

  1. Make certain the competencies chosen apply to the position or role and are not irrelevant; otherwise employees may have a hard time relating to them. Which in an online performance review software such as Trakstar, each position can have role specific competencies.
  2. Involve executives or management to have more collaboration on determining the competencies. If you are a smaller company, you may even want to include the employees in the deciding process.
  3. Use your mission statement, values or company plans to help identify the competencies for what direction the company requires to move forward.


Another thing to consider when choosing competencies for your online performance review software is the amount of them. You’ll want to avoid so many that it makes the review process daunting and time consuming, but enough that if the employee has recorded accomplishments or events by taking notes such as in Trakstar it will streamline review time.

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