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Posted by Trakstar • June 22, 2022 (Last modified June 18, 2022) • 6 min read

As part of the Trakstar Platform, Trakstar Hire has helped thousands of organizations attract some of their top talents. Right now, finding talent is more complex than ever, and it seems like those challenges aren’t going to go away anytime soon. HR leaders face even more stress and pressure than they previously had to try to bring in new talent – creating a lot of frustration, burnout, and even industry exit. Trakstar has a solution to help: Insights for Trakstar Hire.

Insights for Trakstar Hire is rolling out today for customers. Insights is a Key People Indicator (KPI) dashboard that gives HR leaders unprecedented visibility into their hiring efforts, efficiency, and process – with just a few clicks.

With the launch of Insights for Trakstar Hire, human resources leaders get unprecedented access to information and data they can use for reporting hiring efforts, pools, and pipelines to the C-suite, designing hiring processes, building better hiring teams, bringing in top talent, and so much more. 

Why is this necessary? Too often, HR leaders lack insight into their hiring process and practices. They don’t understand how it looks and feels to applicants and new hires. With Insights, you can develop comparisons to past performance, understand just what goes into your hiring timelines, and make observations. Insights eliminates the manual work of tracking and documenting, then calculating things like speed-to-fill. Instead, HR leaders can focus on building better teams, finding the ideal candidates, and getting them acclimated to the organization.

The result? HR is given great power to shift, change, and build teams with talent that helps the company reach its goals and grow.

What Is Insights for Hire?

Trakstar Insights for Hire is a turnkey people analytics dashboard that empowers HR leaders with data and metrics about their hiring efforts, workflows, and results with daily updates, data visualizations, and drill-down filtering capabilities. In the hiring environment right now, HR leaders need to be able to make informed decisions about what job openings they post, where they post them, and how quickly they react. 

Insights for Hire helps recruiters and hiring managers by:

  • Revealing trends in the applicant pipeline
  • Showing inefficiencies and issues within hiring pipelines and processes
  • Tracking daily updates on hiring rates, speeds, and trends
  • Informing action plans for building and maintaining high-performing teams and talent pools
  • Filtering by specifics dates, statuses, opening types, coordinators, publishers, and more
  • Shortening the timeline for hiring new employees by revealing problem areas

Insights for Hire works within the Trakstar Hire dashboard to collect data. You won’t need to do anything other than what you’ve always done to access these game-changing metrics. If you aren’t a user of Trakstar Hire, you can get it as part of the Trakstar Platform.

What Makes Insights for Hire Different?

Trakstar Insights puts the power into HR leaders’ hands and enables them to tell their own stories using concrete data, trends, and visualizations of their data. It gives them credibility with their bosses and helps establish them as one of the most important facets of company success. With Insights, HR leaders don’t only get more information for now; they’ll get historical data and the ability to track trends and progress.

But Insights isn’t just numbers on a screen: you can manipulate the dashboard views and filter on key openings and date ranges. You’ll see key engagement trends around job openings, applicants, boards, and so much more in the hiring pipeline.

Easy-To-Understand Data Visualization

Insights uses cutting-edge business intelligence tools that uniquely summarize all the data gathered throughout the hiring process. It then presents these findings in easy-to-understand and utilize graphs, displays, and reports. They are ready to present – save time when you need to prove what you’re doing.

Beyond People Analytics: Get Actionable People Insights

Beyond the usual suite of reporting capabilities that Trakstar offers, Insights goes above and beyond by helping HR leaders drive understanding of the work they do, champion themselves as the heartbeat of the organization, and craft their unique story around hiring efforts – which is more important right now than it has ever been.

Insights is a guide toward improving the hiring process and then measuring it against past performance. To learn more about Insights, you can visit the Insights page or watch this video:


How Does Insights Work?

 Trakstar Hire customers can access the new people analytics dashboard on Wednesday, June 18, 2022. Right away, they can unlock meaningful trend analysis, drill down to specific job openings, and leverage curated data narratives designed to highlight key insights. We have a lot planned for Insights, including benchmarking capabilities that will launch soon. 

Insights has been rolling out all year, with Trakstar Hire being the final piece of the puzzle.

Get more information about Trakstar Insights for Learn.

Get more information about Trakstar Insights for Perform.

Why Insights – Why Now?

We don’t have to tell you that hiring has been difficult over the last few years, and it looks like the struggles employers are facing aren’t going to end anytime soon. Insights takes some of the power back for HR leaders, helping them prove what they’ve been working on and then giving them the information they didn’t previously know to be even better about hiring and finding the best talent. You’ll get up-to-date information about your hiring efforts, measure what’s happening with your openings, and gain perspective on what you can do to make things easier, better, and faster. Building great teams is often like taking a shot in the dark, but Insights provides light to help you see.

Even better, Insights doesn’t give you more work. It takes away some of the time that was once spent gathering information, figuring out how to compare it, and then doing the work to create charts to measure trends – freeing up time to focus on your people strategy and results.

Brian Kasen, the Director of Business Intelligence at Trakstar, says: “The biggest technology companies in the world have been built on data for decades. Now, businesses in virtually every sector are seeing how data can be one of their greatest assets, unlocking a deeper understanding of its customers and workforce and applying that knowledge to anticipate what’s next. But without actionable takeaways from data, it’s useless information. With Trakstar Insights, HR leaders can ensure decisions that impact their single most important asset—their people—are done intelligently and intentionally. “

Book A Demo For Trakstar Insights Today

The world is unpredictable, and the look and feel of your workforce is changing. As such, the need for meaningful data is greater than ever. HR leaders and managers need to be equipped with the tools and data that allow them to make impactful, meaningful decisions regarding the employee lifecycle and all the stops along the way.

Trakstar Insights goes hand-in-hand with our other products to complete the Trakstar Platform to enable better business decisions through a data-driven people strategy.

If you are interested in learning about the Trakstar Platform, please schedule a demo with our team today.

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