Insights: People Analytics to Strengthen Your Workforce

Posted by Noel • January 25, 2022 (Last modified October 10, 2022) • 6 min read

With critical workforce data from Insights at your fingertips, you can write your own narrative about how HR can help shape your business outcomes and show why you deserve a seat at the table.

Introducing Trakstar Insights

Today is the day: Insights from Trakstar has launched! Insights is a powerful new dashboard tool that empowers HR leaders with real-time data and reports that they can use to make informed decisions, report to the C-suite, and gain a better understanding of their workforce without adding extra stress or work to their days.

Insights isn’t just a list of numbers or lines on a graph, it is a potent blend of modern analytics that help unlock key employee lifecycle moments around hiring, training, and performance. When armed with this data, HR leaders will be able to sit down at the table with executives and show off the work they’ve been doing as the heartbeat of the organization. 

Even more, those same leaders can then go back to their employees and explain what they need, why they are making changes, and how they can work together to reach organizational goals.

Insights is more than data and more than another tool to use around performance reviews. It is something HR will use on a daily basis to break down their efforts, plan better initiatives, and reach their goals. It shines a light on information that has always been available, it just wasn’t easy to access. Now, that information is automated and delivered directly into one of the most powerful performance management tools on the market: Trakstar Perform.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free demo today and we can show you just how powerful Insights will be for your organization.

What Is Insights? The Intersection of People & Business

If HR and people make up the heart of a business, then Insights is the brain. It represents the rational, objective work that HR does on a daily basis. Automatically, it helps to quantify the work surrounding onboarding, training, promoting, hiring, and more; then it reveals the trends and patterns that have always lived there. This information, when used effectively, powers the rest of the organization, including company culture and productivity.

Insights provides leaders with the data needed to make impactful, important decisions and changes throughout their efforts. It unlocks key employee lifecycle moments, encouraging deeper problem-solving and thinking around the unique problems an organization faces. 

Insights can also provide information regarding:

  • Educating employees
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Sourcing hires
  • Reporting performance metrics
  • Developing better processes
  • Nurturing top performers
  • Identifying goals
  • Determining expectations
  • Collecting information

For more information about Insights, or to schedule a demo to be one of the first companies to utilize this revolutionary feature, please request a live demo today!


How Does Insights Work?

Insights is a dashboard that connects into the Trakstar Perform tool to analyze the data that companies are already gathering throughout the year. It takes that information and presents it in easy to understand charts, models, and graphs. With adequate data, it reveals trends between key employee lifecycle moments, including hiring, educating, and performance. It also integrates with many partner solutions to collect even more information. 

Where Insights goes after that depends on the HR leaders using it. That information can stay in their minds, helping them to plan future endeavors or make changes within the organization. It can move up the ladder, giving them a seat at the table with executives. It can be used to make big decisions and small ones.

Insights Webinar

How Can HR Leaders Use It?

With this tool, HR has the data they need to appeal to those executives who previously brushed off HR as “soft.” When they see the concrete data, they will pay attention to the work HR does – maybe for the first time.

Managers and supervisors benefit from these insights as well. They start to understand who their top performers are, who is falling in the middle, and who needs additional support. It is clear what people need training on, what tactics are working, and maybe even the skills or approaches they need to leave behind them. 

Employees benefit as well. Showing them hard data about where they fall in an organization, providing an explanation for why they need a performance improvement plan, or reaching out to them with solutions before they announce a problem.

Over time, HR will grow a reputation of being proactive and the company culture will benefit from it by running better performance reviews, having better employee recognition, or creating training programs that work.

Starting today (January 25, 2022) Perform customers will start to get access to a suite of additional reporting capabilities within the product. The experience will come with an embedded dashboard, information about using the product, how-to videos, and more.  As always, our world-class support team is ready to help.

For more information about how Insights works for our existing Perform, Learn, and Hire customers, please attend our “Uncover the Hidden Value of Your People Data” webinar. If you cannot attend, RSVP and a link to the recording will be emailed to you.

Use HR Data For Good

HR leaders consistently have the weight of the company on their shoulders – they are the ones blamed for problems, and rarely do they get the praise they deserve because of the lack of quantitative data. Insights gives those leaders a way to report on their work through automatic report generation, trend monitoring, and more. 

The information is presented in a way that is easy-to-digest and visual, ensuring faster action, pattern recognition, and more. For HR, setting SMART goals has never been easier.

Above all, this people data removes the ambiguity that HR has had to fight against for too long. The words “we believe,” “it appears that,” and “it seems to us” are gone. Now, HR leaders can say things like, “The trend shows,” “Our analytics tell this story,” or “We know that our workforce is better when they have this specific support.”

These simple changes in language can transform the way an organization looks at HR forever. 

In the end, Insights writes the story of an organization using data. It puts the pen in HR’s hand, allowing them to write their own narrative around their efforts.

Book A Demo For Trakstar Insights Today

Insights Dashboard

Moving into both the new year and the new reality of hiring, educating, and managing people, the need for meaningful data is greater than ever. Companies that aren’t using data at all levels will fall behind and lack the information they need to make decisions and get ahead of the ball. HR leaders and managers need to be equipped with tools and data that allow them to make impactful, meaningful decisions in just a few seconds.

Trakstar Insights goes hand-in-hand with our other platforms. Launching today for Perform customers, it will be released for Trakstar Learn and Trakstar Hire in the coming months to get an even fuller picture of your workforce.

If you are interested in Insights or any other tool from Trakstar, please request a live demo today

If you are an existing Perform, Learn, or Hire customer and you want to learn more about Insights, we are holding a free webinar explaining not only how to use Insights, but how to use the data you find there in your day-to-day job. Click here to RSVP and we will send you a link to watch the webinar live on February 3, 2022, as well as a recording of the webinar once it has completed.

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