Insights: Quantifying The Human Side of HR (So You Don’t Have To)

Posted by Noel • December 27, 2021 (Last modified January 10, 2022) • 5 min read

In January 2022, Trakstar is excited to reveal a new Key People Indicator (KPI) dashboard tool that allows HR leaders to gain an actionable, impactful understanding of their employees based on up-to-date data. With the launch of Insights from Trakstar, HR leaders will be able to utilize the data they’re already collecting in faster, easier ways to ensure organizations have what they need to nurture, support, and invigorate the existing workforce as well as make informed decisions when hiring or firing.

Too often, HR leaders aren’t given a seat at the table because they can’t get the clear-cut information and understanding they need to fully support the hard work they do. With Insights, they now have a seat at that table and when armed with data, full attention. Insights aims to arm those leaders with the ability to make definitive statements and decisions about the work they are doing, the changes they are making, and what they need to do to help reach organizational goals.

Read on to learn more about Insights – or book a demo of Trakstar Perform + Insights today.


What Is Insights?

Trakstar Insights is a turnkey people analytics dashboard solution for Trakstar customers that allow HR leaders to tell their HR story with data. Customers will now be able to leverage their Trakstar platform data in new ways that enable HR leaders to  make more informed people decisions by:

  • Removing the guesswork from hiring, engaging, developing, and retaining top talent
  • Developing data-driven action plans to  develop a high performing organization and teams
  • Streamlining and optimizing the candidate experience to acquire high caliber talent quickly
  • Accelerating your speed to hire and acquire top talent ahead of your competition
  • Shortening the onboarding process by understanding how and when learning happens across teams
  • Identifying where upskilling can have the greatest impact on team performance

Insights Dashboard

What Makes Insights Different?

Trakstar Insights will allow organizations to tell stories with their data. Leveraging 20 years of historical data across the Trakstar Platform’s three products (Hire, Perform, and Learn) , HR leaders will gain meaningful analysis and actionable insights through curated, interactive data visualizations of workplace metrics that matter most.

Platform Integration

Insights will establish new data connections across Hire, Perform, and Learn for an organization. HR Leaders will know how learning opportunities nurture top performers, how to replicate past success sourcing quality hires that become eventual top performers, and how to measure onboarding processes that enable greater productivity in new hires.

Data Visualization

Insights provides cutting-edge business intelligence tools so HR leaders can easily visualize data and trends for simple consumption. 


With decades of proprietary data combined with third-party data enrichment, Trakstar Insights is the single source of truth to benchmark your HR operations to help you build great teams across key metrics such as speed-to-hire, employee retention, and coursework design. Insights will give you the ability to compare against your past trends and against Trakstar aggregated customer benchmarks.

Beyond Analytics: Insights

Beyond Trakstar’s usual suite of reporting options, Insights will help HR leaders dive deeper through customized narratives to better contextualize data and associated visualizations across the Trakstar platform. Insights helps you understand your data and turn your knowledge into action.  


How Does Insights Work?

Trakstar customers will get access to new, people analytics dashboards that unlock meaningful trend analysis, drill down capabilities, and data narratives. Future enhancements to Insights will include powerful benchmarking capabilities that allow customers to compare their data against relevant benchmark comparisons such as industry, company size, or geographic location. 

Insights will be available directly within each Trakstar product and as embedded dashboards, along with information about available KPIs, how-to videos, and more. 


Insights Timeline

Brian Kasen, our Director of Business Intelligence, says “I am super excited about what we have on our roadmap for customers. Beyond the initial launch of Insights within each Trakstar platform product, additional benchmarking capabilities, advanced analytics, and employee lifecycle insights KPIs are part of our future roadmap. We believe these future enhancements to the Insights offering will be essential tools that enable HR leaders to be more strategic and measurable in their decision making.” 


Why Insights – Why Now?

Insights writes the story of an organization using their data, giving HR leaders a front-row look at what’s happening using 20 years of proprietary data. HR leaders won’t only see what’s happening within their organization at any given moment, they will gain meaningful analysis of what’s been happening, actionable steps on what to do next, and even given visualizations to present to their managers and teams when necessary. 

The biggest technology companies in the world have been built on data for decades. Now, businesses in virtually every sector are seeing how data can be one of their greatest assets, unlocking a deeper understanding of its customers and workforce and applying that knowledge to anticipate what’s next. But without actionable takeaways from data, it’s useless information. With Trakstar Insights, HR leaders can ensure decisions that impact their single most important asset—their people—are done intelligently and intentionally.


Book A Demo For Trakstar Insights Today

Moving into both the new year and the new reality of hiring, educating, and managing people, the need for meaningful data is greater than ever. HR leaders and managers need to be equipped with the tools and data that allow them to make impactful, meaningful decisions when it comes to the Employee Lifecycle. 

Trakstar Insights goes hand-in-hand with our other products. Our first set of dashboards will be available for all Trakstar customers in 2022, first launching inside Trakstar Perform in January 2022. Trakstar Learn and Hire customers can expect to see this exciting new tool soon!

If you are interested in Insights or any other tool from Trakstar, please request a live demo for Perform today.

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