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Posted by Noel • March 8, 2022 • 5 min read

As part of the Trakstar Platform, Trakstar Learn has already helped thousands of organizations onboard, train, upskill, and equip fantastic teams. Now, those capabilities are about to go even deeper thanks to the launch of Insights for Trakstar Learn on March 29, 2022. Insights is a Key People Indicator (KPI) dashboard that allows HR leaders visibility into the macro and micro impacts of their online courses, training, and education efforts. 

With the launch for Insights for Trakstar Learn, HR leaders will get unprecedented access to information and data they can use for reporting to the C-suite, designing education pathways, integrating upskilling with employee performance goal setting, developing teams, and so much more. 

Why is this necessary? Too often, HR leaders aren’t able to see the real-time impact of courses they create, nor are they able to compare it to historical data without taking hours and hours to gather information, plot it, develop comparisons, and then make observations. Insights takes out some of that work, freeing up your time to focus on making those observations and identify actions that will have the most direct positive impact on your organization. 

The end result? HR is given great power to shift, change, and equip teams with skills and training aligned to organizational strategy.


What Is Insights for Learn?

Trakstar Insights for Learn is a turnkey people analytics dashboard that allows HR leaders to visualize and compare their data with daily updates, pre-designed data visualizations, and drill-down filtering capabilities. When using the dashboard, HR leaders will be able to make more informed decisions around key training and onboarding moments by:

  • Tracking daily updates about course completions, course attempts, and engagement trends
  • Informing actionable plans for developing and maintaining high performing organizations and teams
  • Identifying which training and onboarding courses have the most significant impact on employee performance and engagement
  • Shortening the onboarding process to bring team members up to speed much more quickly
  • Identifying where upskilling can impact performance

For more information about Insights for Trakstar Perform, you can read our blog article here


What Makes Insights for Learn Different?

Trakstar Insights empowers HR leaders to tell their own stories with their data, and create the pathway they will take over the next 90 days, 120 days, year, or more. At the same time, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of their own historical data.

But Insights isn’t just numbers on a screen: you’ll be able to manipulate the dashboard views and to filter on key courses and date ranges, you’ll be able to see key engagement trends around courses, groups, and trainees, as well as  how specific course performance has trended over time.

Easy-To-Understand Data Visualization

Insights uses cutting-edge business intelligence tools that uniquely summarizes learning data trends in meaningful ways so that HR leaders can easily understand and share key insights on the value of investing resources and time into organizational learning initiatives.

Beyond People Analytics: Get Actionable People Insights

Beyond the usual suite of reporting capabilities that Trakstar offers, Insights goes above and beyond by helping HR leaders drive understanding of the work they do, champion themselves as the heartbeat of the organization, and craft their unique story around educating efforts.

Trakstar Insights for learn can also help to:

  • Align coursework to company goals and objectives
  • Enhance appreciation of the work your employees are doing in courses
  • Explore  between course completions and quality of work
  • Track recent content utilization and ensure coursework and training investments are aligned to your current overall business goals

Insights is a guide toward improving training, retaining employees, and measuring impact on your people. To learn more about Insights, you can watch this video:



How Does Insights Work?

 Trakstar Learn customers will gain access to the new people analytics dashboard. Right away, they will be able to unlock meaningful trend analysis, drill down to specific training content, and leverage curated data narratives designed to highlight key insights. We have a lot planned for Insights, including the benchmarking capabilities mentioned above. 

Insights will be available directly within each Trakstar product as it launches (it is already available in Trakstar Perform and will soon come to Trakstar Learn and Hire soon) as embedded dashboards, along with information about available KPIs, how-to videos, and more. 

Why Insights – Why Now?

Insights gives power back to HR leaders to prove what they’ve been working on – they don’t need to hear it secondhand or when they sit down at board meetings. Instead, they can see the up-to-date impacts on the workforce. HR leaders will be able to see and measure what is happening across talent development. They will be able to do more meaningful analysis around what’s happening, gain perspective on what they can do next, and confidently share their findings with their peers. 

The time that was once spent gathering information, figuring out how to compare it, and then doing the work to create charts to measure trends is done for you – freeing up time to focus on your people strategy and results.


Book A Demo For The Trakstar Platform Today

The world is unpredictable and the look and feel of your workforce is changing. As such, the need for meaningful data is greater than ever. HR leaders and managers need to be equipped with the tools and data that allow them to make impactful, meaningful decisions when it comes to the employee lifecycle and all the stops along the way.

Trakstar Insights goes hand-in-hand with our other products to complete the Trakstar Platform to enable better business decisions through a data-driven people strategy.

If you are interested in learning about the Trakstar Platform, please schedule a demo with our team today.

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