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Introducing Trakstar Engagement

Posted by Hannah • October 5, 2018 (Last modified August 28, 2019) • 2 min read

The Trakstar team and I are excited to announce a brand new offering — Trakstar Engagement. Now you can get valuable insights into employee engagement with frequent check ins, surveys, and polls; all within your performance management tool.

We believe people do their best work when they’re happy and motivated. Trakstar Engagement gives you the ability to measure engagement on both an organizational and individual level, based on the factors that matter most.

Employee engagement is a vague term. At Trakstar, we believe it’s the combination of employee satisfaction and consistently high performance. We took the time to research performance at work and studies indicate it boils down to ability, opportunity, and motivation. And motivation, in particular, is really what sets a great employee apart. But what exactly motivates someone and how can it be measured?

Most employers focus on extrinsic motivation. They provide bonuses, awards, and acknowledgments for a job well done. However, these rewards are short-term incentives and have even been found to be ineffective when employees are dealing with more complex problems.

Intrinsic motivation, or personal fulfillment, keeps an employee productive day after day. Studies show the three pillars of highly motivated employees in any organization are:

  • Mastery – There are resources for the person to develop the skills and knowledge to be good at their job.
  • Autonomy – The person has significant influence in the decision-making at their work.
  • Purpose – The person is aligned with their company’s mission and values.

Intrinsic motivation combined with ability and opportunity equates to a highly-productive workforce. Trakstar engagement is designed to measure those key drivers.



Say hello to Trakstar Engagement

With Trakstar Engagement, you’ll be able to send 3 types of surveys (with questions and statements ready for use, backed by research) or create your own. They can include:

Company Pulse Survey

Capture employee engagement from a big picture perspective.

Manager Check-in

Managers get access to more personal check ins with their employees and will be able to measure engagement on a more individual basis.

Opinion Poll

Ask your entire staff any question related to happiness, culture, or general hot topics. It gives you the flexibility to quickly gather a snapshot of your workforce on topics specific to employee satisfaction in your organization.



Employee engagement and employee performance management go hand in hand. But most engagement tools don’t offer performance management features and most performance management tools don’t offer engagement features. We’re making moves to disrupt that trend.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new avenue to go down with our customers and can’t wait to see the results at each organization. Learn more today by requesting a demo, checking out this more detailed information guide, or emailing us at!


Julie Rieken

CEO, Trakstar

Make Work Matter.