Introducing Trakstar’s New Look

Posted by Lauren • April 28, 2016 (Last modified June 7, 2022) • 2 min read

The past few months our team has been heads down redesigning the new look of Trakstar, and on Saturday, April 30, our new look will be live! Some highlights of the new user interface include streamlined typefaces and colors, a new ultimate search bar, and the ability to white label your Trakstar site. If you are already a customer of Trakstar, we are offering a What’s New Webinar series (register here). If you are not a customer of Trakstar but want to see more of our new look, reach out to schedule a demo today.

Tonya Ricks Sterr, Trakstar’s visual designer, says: “Our goal was to streamline and modernize the look of Trakstar, but more importantly we wanted to make it easier to use. One specific thing that I’m proud of is that we hope users won’t need to zoom in to use the site — we made things easier to read, among other accessibility improvements. I’m excited that the updated Trakstar will get the appraisal process moving even more smoothly than before.”

1. Style

We wanted to focus on creating a modern and sleek look for Trakstar. This includes an update to all icons, colors and fonts in the interface. Here is a sneak peak of that new style on our revamped login page.

2. Search Made Simple

Trakstar has always featured a search bar for our users however, we have now created an ultimate search bar that employees, managers, and administrators can leverage to search their whole site for content or help articles and video tutorials.

search bar


3. Things Are Getting Personal

Our number one goal is to make Trakstar the number one fit for all of our clients. Each Trakstar setup is unique and we wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter your organization’s goals, performance management process, or appraisal needs, we can help. Another step towards customization is the addition of white labeling. Organizations can now elect to add their logo to the software’s interface. One of our favorite examples is below, from The Office.

white label

We hope you like our new look! Also here is a look behind the scenes at the Trakstar office in Seattle.



Our engineers and designers putting the finishing touches on the new look!


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