It’s Goal Setting Time!

Posted by Julie • January 15, 2014 (Last modified June 1, 2022) • 1 min read

It’s a new year and it’s time to set goals. We’ve all heard about S.M.A.R.T. goals and it’s a great time for a quick refresh!

When setting goals, make them SMART and ask yourself these questions:

Specific: What specifically will the goal accomplish? How will it be accomplished?
Measureable: What might indicate whether or not the goal has been reached? Are metrics possible?
Achievable: Can the goal be achieved? It the goal within the realm of possibility?
Results-Oriented: Is there a an outcome or desired result upon achieving the goal?
Time-bound: When can this goal be completed? Is there a sense of urgency?

Here are two examples of great SMART goals.

Build and market a B2B referral program for customers for 2014, to be in place by February 2014. Educate internal staff, and create awareness amongst existing customers through email marketing. Aim for 2 new referrals per month, leading to new sales.

It’s specific: Create a Referral Program
It’s Measureable: 2 per month
It’s Achievable: (We’re not looking for 10,000 referrals per month!)
It’s results-oriented: (Leading to new sales and revenue)
It’s time bound: Build by February 2014

Create a workflow by March 2014 for the posting of departmental updates to promote increased awareness, with information to be posted (1) business day following department meetings. New information will be posted on the department website and on the lunchroom notice board.

It’s specific: Create workflow for sharing current information
It’s Measureable: Posted 1 day after meetings on web, and PDF on lunchroom notice board
It’s Achievable: Dept. admin can own process
It’s results-oriented: Results can be seen on the website and in lunchroom
It’s time bound: Implement by March 2014

Onward, you action-oriented, results-driven progress maker!

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