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A Letter from Trakstar’s CEO, Announcing the Trakstar Platform

Posted by Julie • June 24, 2021 (Last modified June 14, 2022) • 2 min read

Almost 3 years ago, we set out to solve the HR tech problems we heard over and over again – too many HR systems and not enough usable data insights from any of them. I am excited to share with you, our valued customers, that we are taking a huge step in doing that this week.


We’re officially combining 3 best of breed talent management tools into one, integrated platform that will allow our customers the flexibility and excellence they need for better people-first employee lifecycle management. Under the Trakstar brand, you’ll now have access to better hiring with Trakstar Hire, easier onboarding and employee development training through Trakstar Learn, and ongoing performance management and engagement tools with Trakstar Perform.


This couldn’t come at a better time. After last year’s events forcing organizations to act quickly in creating a remote work environment, it became even more clear that the HR tools of today weren’t built for these new challenges. We saw an opportunity to build better software that helped HR answer this new age of important people questions when their people weren’t sitting next to them in an office anymore.


Watch an interview with me, our Chief Customer Officer, JP Lind, and our Director of Business Intelligence, Brian Kasen, as we discuss the Trakstar Platform here:




We’re starting by rebranding our products to the Trakstar name while making system administration easier with SSO and centralized user management between our solutions. After that, we’ll continue to build smarter workflows connecting the employee journey (and taking those non-value adding administrative tasks off of HR’s plate). Finally, we’ll release Trakstar Insights later this year where your people data will be easily accessible, visualized, and benchmarked in one place.


I am thankful to our customers who partnered with us in determining this new business direction and proud of our teams that are inspired to make this a reality. I’m hopeful for the future of HR tech and the role it will play in making people happier and healthier at work. 



Julie Rieken, CEO, Trakstar

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