Succession Planning with The 9 Box Grid on Performance Reviews

Time has a funny way of continuing on whether we like it or not. So how do companies stay ahead of evolutions over time and ensure they are set up for success in the future? One way is to focus on their workforce and, specifically, take an active part in succession planning. Let’s look at a theory about succession planning that you can incorporate into your performance reviews: The 9 Box Grid.


The 9 Box Grid focuses on two aspects of the employee: performance and potential. Performance refers to their current performance at their current position. Potential refers to their ability to learn new tasks and incorporate their skills into higher-level positions. Each of these elements are scored on a 1-3 scale and then plotted on a box grid as seen here:




The first step to keeping your high performers is identifying them and this approach can help you do that with actual data. With a simple scatter-plot, you’ll see where in your workforce your development dollars should be spent and where you may have room for improvement.


Using the 9 Box Grid can turn succession planning from an open ended question to managers where you get responses like “Yeah, I mean, I think this employee could be a good consideration for promotion” into a visual representation of hard data that shows you who should be prepared for movement.


Nobody can see into the future, but with succession planning we think you and your organization can be prepared for what’s to come!

(Stay tuned to the Trakstar Blog for a quick guide to getting 9 Box Grid data with Trakstar.)