How Technology Can Stem Employee Turnover

Posted by Trakstar • September 30, 2022 (Last modified November 21, 2022) • 6 min read

If your company is having difficulty with turnover, it’s a sign that something is happening within your organization. We can all point to studies that talk about people staying in jobs for a shorter amount of time or people leaving traditional jobs for “side hustles,” but the fact is that people still remain at good jobs where they feel supported and like they have a future. Employee turnover is a problem for many of us – even with reports of a recession looming. 

So what’s going on? There are many reasons why people leave their jobs and find something else. If you are honest with yourself, you probably know some of the reasons why people are leaving your company. 

What can you do about it? Technology can help you! When you automate your talent development efforts and use data to predict what will happen in your organization, you’re more likely to stem turnover and even turn it around.

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Use Tools To Determine Employee Turnover

Gone are the days when we could fight employee turnover without help from technology. You can do things to help it a little bit, but technology will help you make a more significant impact. Use technology not only to complete some of your efforts to reduce employee turnover and increase retention but also to measure those efforts’ success.

What works and what doesn’t? Every workforce is going to have something different that they want to target, so being able to measure success is imperative.

Give More Recognition To Deserving Employees

Have employees who are doing a good job? Sometimes, they need to know that you see them. It doesn’t have to be extreme or extravagant. Show your employees that you appreciate them in small ways using technology – call them out in a special channel on Slack, record a video you put in a company email, or make a simple graphic that shows how thankful you are.

Keep Your Employees Engaged With Engagement Surveys

What are your employees really feeling? Are they actually happy, or are they just putting on a good face? Run a pulse survey every so often to check in with your employees and see what they think. You can use the anonymous survey to ensure they give you accurate feedback.

However, when running an engagement survey, the key is to take action after you ask the questions and get the results. Simply running a survey isn’t enough; you need to prove that you are willing to go the extra mile and actually return on some of your promises.

Upskill & Level Up Your Employees

Sometimes, employees leave because they are bored with their jobs and feel they have no upward mobility. By upskilling and educating employees on new skills, you can build their talent and make them better at their jobs. You can even use upskilling to plan for succession and ensure there aren’t gaps on your teams when someone does decide to leave.

If you have noticed that when one person leaves, more people leave behind them, you may want to use upskilling to stem turnover. If you are afraid of certain people leaving your workforce because you don’t know what you’ll do, it’s a sign that you should start using a learning management system to upskill and prepare for it. This will stop the flood of resignations after someone leaves.

Make Better Hiring Decisions

When hiring people, you want to pick the right talent for the role. This means they have the personality to fit in with your team, the qualifications to do the job properly, and the tendency to stay in jobs for extended periods. For urgent hires or HR leaders who are overwhelmed, taking your time to find that person can be impossible. 

However, you may want to look at hiring if turnover is an issue. Use an applicant tracking system to build a hiring team that can help you, get the offer letter out to your top pick, and help you make better decisions when it comes to attracting people who will help build your company.

Closely Monitor For Toxic Employees and Culture

Do you have toxic employees in your workforce? People who bring down other employees create animosity, take credit for someone else’s work, or just don’t get along with other people? Identifying which sour apples are ruining your work environment and leading to increased churn can be difficult. One way to identify them is to use 360-degree feedback from other employees. When done through software, your employees are more likely to be honest with you and help you to identify where things are going wrong.

To learn more about 360-degree feedback, click here.

Build Better Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are one of the most important tools you have to eliminate employee churn. When your performance reviews are built for success, you’re more likely to keep your best performing employees and get better performance out of those who fall in the middle – you can even use them to determine performance improvement plans (PIPs) for your lowest performing employees.

Automating performance reviews is an easy way to use tech to reduce employee turnover and increase retention. Trakstar Perform can help streamline the review process by scheduling, sending out reminders, and collecting feedback for performance reviews. 

Uplevel Your Onboarding

How’s your onboarding program? Is it strong enough to set your employees up for success at your organization? Onboarding is one of the essential tools you have; if you aren’t using it properly, you might struggle to keep employees. Recent studies have shown that the first few months of an employee’s tenure at your organization can determine whether they stay there for a long time or just as a stepping stone to their forever company.

Use technology like Trakstar Learn to automate your onboarding process. As soon as you hire someone, assign them the courses they need to understand your company, their role, and what is available to them. Ensure you have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to onboarding and you’ll see an increase in retention.

Learn more about onboarding by reading our blog here or by watching our onboarding webinar:

Run Exit Interviews

When employees do leave, do your best to run an exit interview. While some employees will leave without notice, those who do give notice likely have a ton of insights for you. Ask them about their choice to leave and what you think can be improved at your organization. Exit interviews can be a survey sent out to the employee or something you run as a conversation. Employees who no longer work for you are likely to be honest and, sometimes, blunt about their problems and what led them to leave.

Need Help Stemming Turnover? Trakstar Can Help!

Technology can be one of your best friends when it comes to the daily efforts of human resources departments, including retention work. Attracting, retaining, and engaging talent is more complicated than ever, and you probably have more competition than ever before – but that doesn’t mean you should give up on retention efforts and anticipate a culture of churn and constant onboarding.

A tool to help increase retention rates is vital for all HR leaders, whether you have a small organization or thousands of employees. If you are ready to get started with a purpose-built talent development platform that incorporates an applicant tracking system, learning management system, performance management tools, and collects data, Trakstar is the only way to go. Click here to schedule a demo with a member of our team.

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