Trakstar Academy: Reasons to Enroll

Posted by Noel • February 9, 2023 • 4 min read

Trakstar Academy is our interactive user guide to all things Trakstar. We’ve called it a deep dive into all parts of Trakstar’s suite of products, including Learn, Hire, Perform, and Insights. Developed by Director of Customer Experience & Adoption, Chelsea Baker, and our Education & Instructional Designer, Jessie Blum-Gabriel, (two people you’ll routinely see and hear on our webinars), Academy serves to increase your ROI on Trakstar products, provide opportunities for training within your team, and encourage you to use your investment in new ways.

Recently, the Academy went through a facelift. The goal was to make it easier for people to quickly find the information they needed. Most importantly, the guides and courses you need are easier to find, better to navigate, and filled with even more information than ever before.

To hear more from our Academy team, you can read it in their words here.

To see Trakstar Academy for yourself, click here.

Why Should You Use Trakstar Academy?

Trakstar Academy - Join the StarsIf you’re a Trakstar customer, you know that Trakstar has one of the best Customer Support teams in the business – and that’s something we take pride in and take seriously. Our Customer Support times are well below average, and our Implementation Teams work extremely hard to get you off to a great start.

However, we know that sometimes people want to find the answers for themselves, need to train others on the entire product, or are inheriting Trakstar and need to learn how to use it. These are things we see every day! 

Trakstar Academy’s guides, courses, videos, and walkthroughs are all available to help you navigate features and follow best practices. We have it covered if you need help with how to use something or a refresher on a particular topic.

Plus, we are continually adding and updating content based on user feedback, repeated Customer Support tickets, and new features within the products.

What Will You Find?

Think of Trakstar Academy as your all-in-one guide to Trakstar. There is something new and interesting to see at every turn. Click around if you want to learn something new. You’ll be able to search through support documents, elearning opportunities, and videos from the Trakstar team. If you want to know something specific, everything is organized in a way that makes it easy to find your answer.

Think you’re a Trakstar expert? You’ll find new information and tips here. If you want to learn more about the products, this is going to be one of the best places to start because you can see screenshots, hear from people who work with the product every day, and even get some best practices. These guides come from people who know Trakstar and know talent development.

Use Trakstar Academy to Train Your Teams

If you need your teams to learn more about Trakstar, you can enroll them in Trakstar Academy courses! Use these courses when onboarding new employees, promoting employees into managerial roles, and changing job descriptions.

We suggest you start by using Role Traks for this – find the appropriate courses, guides, and videos to develop leaders. You can pick the specific courses, set deadlines, and see results, so you know who is performing and who is falling behind.

Take off with Trakstar Academy

Click here to learn more about enrolling your team in Trakstar training.

Powered By Trakstar Learn

Trakstar Academy’s micro courses were all built using one of Trakstar’s products: Trakstar Learn. You’ll interact with the Learn product whenever you take a course and get a certificate. Automated email notifications, multimedia presentations, additional information, and more can all be found within Academy and Learn. If you want something, we probably have it!

If you want to get the same experience for your internal training and development programs, be sure to learn more about our learning management system, Trakstar Learn.

Like What You See In The Academy?

If you aren’t a Trakstar customer and you like what you see in Trakstar Academy, we have some good news! Trakstar Academy is just a taste of what the actual Trakstar products are and what they can do. They’ve been purpose-built to improve all of your efforts around attracting, retaining, engaging, and understanding today’s top talent. If you like what you see, be sure to schedule a demo today. We can get you started with the tools you need.

If you have any questions about Trakstar Academy, enrolling your employees, or finding out more, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team.

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