Trakstar Announces New Look, Courses For Trakstar Academy

Posted by Trakstar • January 31, 2023 (Last modified March 24, 2023) • 2 min read

Talent management software company releases new Traks for its Academy and suite of products: Hire, Learn, Perform, and Insights.

Trakstar, industry-leading talent development software including Trakstar Hire, Learn, Perform, and Insights, has launched a new look for its Academy. Trakstar Academy helps Trakstar clients level-up productivity, engagement, and success.

Trakstar Academy was born in 2022 out of a need for customer education. “Tasked with how to make our training content more accessible to customers, Trakstar Academy was born – creating a one-stop shop for on-demand training for the full Trakstar platform,” explains Chelsea Baker, Director of Customer Experience & Adoption at Trakstar.

Jessie Blum-Gabriel, Trakstar’s Educational and Instructional Designer, felt like it was time for an update: “Since launching Trakstar Academy last year, we learned so much from our customers about how they use the resources and training. We wanted to find ways to make it even easier to find exactly the courses that someone needs! The new layout and design guide the user through the experience. Plus, we added additional courses for some of our most popular topics and Insights too.”

Trakstar Academy includes:

A Library of Lessons At A Click

Get full access to Trakstar’s courses, best practices, documents, eLearning, and videos. Anyone can dive deeper into Trakstar’s products to learn more, refresh their memory on how to do something, or fully embrace their investment.

The lessons are self-driven, and many come with certificates of completion. Leaders can use these lessons to train themselves or as part of the onboarding process.

“Trakstar Academy removes the burden of repeating the “how to” basics every time you hire a new team member. Add them to the Academy – and let us deliver always-up-to-date e-learning courses on demand,” explains Chelsea Baker.

Organized Traks To Steer Your Learning

Organized Traks help find training on specific topics surrounding talent management. They lead users through different pathways, including role-based learning, workflows, or “feature Traks” that include topics like offer letters, 360-reviews, or multimedia course creation.

“My favorite thing about Trakstar Academy is the Academy Admin role – giving HR teams the ability to manage, monitor and report on their team’s training at initial launch, and ongoing – as you add new staff and enable more features in the future,” says Chelsea Baker.

About Trakstar 

Trakstar believes people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters. Trusted by over 3,000 customers like Dyson, Ben & Jerry’s, and Make A Wish, the Trakstar platform provides a powerful suite of solutions that equip HR teams with next-generation talent acquisition, training, and performance management technology. Trakstar has spent 20 years architecting data-backed tools to provide custom insights for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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