Trakstar Launches Hire Benchmarking, Promoting Recruiting & Hiring Understanding

Posted by Trakstar • November 29, 2022 (Last modified March 24, 2023) • 2 min read

HR Software Developer launches the new feature within their Insights Dashboard for Trakstar Hire, allowing HR leaders and C-Suites to compare their recruitment, hiring, and retention.

Trakstar, the SaaS-based employee engagement and performance management company, announced that it has launched Hire Benchmarking for Trakstar Insights, a new dashboard within the Trakstar Hire product. Customers will now have access to their recruiting and hiring trends compared to relevant peer groups, providing your executives with a plan to attract more of your most valuable asset: your people.

With decades of proprietary data combined with third-party data enrichment, Trakstar Insights benchmarks HR operations to help leaders and organizations of all sizes build teams across key metrics such as speed-to-hire, employee retention, and recruitment efforts. Trakstar’s Hire Benchmarking enables leaders to compare their organizations against relevant peer groups.

Rebecca Kling, Senior Product Manager of Insights, explains what Trakstar Customers see: “You will be able to see how your key hiring metrics and ratios have trended over time, and how they compare to others in your industry or companies of a similar size. We will also give you Insights into how to maintain positive trends or address areas for improvement.”

Hire Benchmarking uses aggregated, anonymized Trakstar data to show where the organization stands on hiring metrics against companies within their size categories and industries. This analysis is done monthly for customers.  In addition to metrics, customers will receive tips to improve or keep their scores at high levels based on historical data and current standing.  Within Insights, customers have links to content for best practices using the Trakstar platform, hiring techniques, and more.

Benchmarking for Hire helps HR leaders make better decisions about its recruiting and hiring efforts in a way that removes emotions, paving the way for intelligent, impactful choices. It equips HR leaders with the reports and visualizations they need to show their impact: “Based on your recent trends, the analysis gives you the key talking points to accompany the dashboard visuals, and offers guided recommendations on what to do next,” explains Brian Kasen, Director of Business Intelligence. He explains one use-case: “HR leaders will be able to measure your quarterly hiring trends, compared to your industry, and then what action is required.”

About Trakstar 

Trakstar’s talent management platform, including Hire, Learn, Perform, and Insights, delivers purpose-built solutions for attracting, retaining, and engaging the best people while providing deeper analytics to help HR leaders manage their workforces.

For over 20 years, Trakstar has helped over 3,000 clients, including Forbes, PepsiCo, Guitar Center, Sharp, Dole, State Farm, Gorilla Logic, and more. Trakstar believes people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters.

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