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The Trakstar Platform: integrating the best HR solutions for data-driven decisions with a dispersed workforce

Posted by Hannah • June 24, 2021 (Last modified June 14, 2022) • 4 min read

Nearly three years ago, Trakstar set out to solve the technology problems raised over and over by our customers: too many HR systems, not enough insights. We quickly realized that leading companies need a talent management platform that provides flexibility and excellence to support people-first management. Following recent events that forced organizations to dive headfirst into remote work, it’s even more clear that yesterday’s HR tools weren’t built for today’s challenges. To meet our goals, we knew we had to create a new tool to help HR answer urgent people questions like, how do we find the best people? How do we engage employees when work happens anywhere?


Trakstar is uniquely positioned to get you answers to questions like these. Our data-backed software solutions have been supporting the employee journey for 20 years with over 3,500 customers. Now, to meet the evolving needs of modern HR teams, we’re taking a bold step forward by integrating this powerful suite of talent acquisition, training and performance management offerings under the unified Trakstar Platform. 


The new Trakstar Platform provides a streamlined user experience, bringing together our three previously modular solutions under a single umbrella. Under the Trakstar brand, our customers will now have access to Trakstar Hire (formerly known as Recruiterbox) for better hiring and applicant tracking, Trakstar Learn (formerly known as Mindflash) for easier onboarding and employee development training, and Trakstar Perform (formerly known as just Trakstar) for ongoing performance management and engagement tools. 


Trakstar is already a great place for your company’s people data. With new investments in the platform’s business intelligence and cloud computing capabilities, we’re building cutting-edge analytics solutions backed by two decades of industry expertise and proprietary data. So, not only will the Trakstar platform allow HR to benchmark and visualize their performance at a granular level, but it will also provide the tools to succinctly communicate business insights to decision-makers across the organization—including the C-suite.


“We’re really excited for the integrated Trakstar platform. Their combined Hiring, Performance, and Learning Management system is going to save us time, money and resources. We look forward to discovering insights we’ve never had before,” said Helen Rome, Director of HR at Bryan Construction.


The above image is a prototype of what the Trakstar Analytics Console will look like.


At every level, the Trakstar Platform aims to place intelligent data at users’ fingertips. For example, managers can oversee comprehensive recruitment workflows through Trakstar Hire, from job posting to compliance, on a dashboard equipped with templates, search functionality and automated reporting. With Trakstar Learn, companies can design dynamic trainings with a great user experience for employees while providing administrators with permissions-restricted, real-time monitoring. Meanwhile, Trakstar Perform makes it easy and intuitive to track progress toward employee goals and prepare for review sessions, including flexible forms and rating scales. 


As Trakstar evolves, existing customers will still have access to our industry-leading modular products with the same logins. However, we expect Trakstar clients will quickly discover that using two or more Trakstar solutions delivers superior value, enabled by the new platform’s cross-cutting connectivity. To start, we’re making system administration easier with SSO and centralized user management between our solutions. We’re also hard at work building smarter workflows connecting the employee journey. By articulating the data relationships between Trakstar Perform and Trakstar Hire, for example, customers will have visibility into which managers hired top employees. 




Of course, while talent management is a critical component of modern HR, it does not displace logistics responsibilities like HRIS, benefits, and payroll. That’s why we’ve designed the Trakstar Platform with non-technical configurations, robust APIs and embedded integrations that allow teams to leverage the best third-party software without sacrificing workflow efficiency. Moreover, Trakstar’s speedy implementations deliver meaningful value in as little as six weeks. But you don’t have to take our word for it—our business intelligence analytics will monitor and deliver the people data you need to positively impact your costs, revenue and profitability. 


Because when it comes to people strategy, the table stakes for employers have changed. In a world where resilience, visibility, and agility are the key business differentiators, siloed or manual processes no longer cut it. We know the Trakstar Platform is an invaluable tool for navigating this disrupted environment, with robust capabilities that help unlock new sources of strategic value while taking those non-value-adding administrative tasks off HR’s plate. 


It’s what the new future of work is demanding—customizable, best-in-breed solutions built around turn-key integrations and a commitment to customer success. In short, it’s the only platform purpose-built to yield an ROI on talent management, the sole category of HR technology proven to help enterprises gain more from their workforce for every dollar spent. 



Since the beginning, we have focused singularly on creating smooth, efficient and even delightful candidate and employee experiences. By unifying the Trakstar Platform, we are taking this mission into the digital-first future. We welcome your organization to join this journey and discover the possibilities that an empowered, engaged and connected workforce can create. 



Author: Julie Rieken, CEO, Trakstar

Published: June 24, 2021







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