What is the Value Of All-In-One Employee Management Software?

Posted by Trakstar • March 4, 2022 (Last modified June 14, 2022) • 6 min read

Employee management software is an important tool for all HR leaders, but there comes a time when having too many tools is just confusing and adds to the complexity of your job. The goal of all human resources tools should be to make you more productive and make your job easier, not the opposite.

So why aren’t more people investing in an all-in-one HR platform? It is because they don’t know they exist or they think they know other tools too well to make the switch. Now is the perfect time to make that switch and find employee management software that does more than one task – you’ll thank yourself in 90 days. 

Having an employee management platform that helps you at all of the different stages of the employee lifecycle is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of time you spend doing meaningless tasks and helps you create more of an impact on your workforce. To learn more about the Trakstar Platform, which encompasses all of your tasks around hiring, onboarding, educating, engaging, training, and reviewing your employees, you can schedule a demo today.

Reasons To Consider An All-In-One HR Management Platform

There are many reasons why an all-in-on HR platform might be a great idea for your company. But first, let’s dissect what “all in one” means. As far as human resources tools go, there are a lot of things that could fall under that umbrella. To assume that one tool is going to be able to do everything that you do is a bit of an insult – it’s impossible for one tool to be able to do everything you do with the level of emotional sensitivity and care that you do. 

Instead, an all-in-one employee management software takes care of a lot of the “busy” work that you do – the things that take up too much of your time. 

Save Yourself Time

An employee management platform should save you time. How can it do that? Let’s walk through the hiring process, for example. When you need to hire for an open position you need to:

  • Compile a job description that has the keywords and information people are looking for
  • Post the job to all of the most popular boards
  • File through resumes and cover letters to find the right applicants
  • Gather opinions from other people in the company on who the best applicants are
  • Schedule interviews that fit every schedule on the interview team
  • Get an offer out ASAP once you are wowed by a candidate

After you get that person hired, you have to get them into onboarding training, start monitoring their performance, and collect even more information about the work they are doing – all while rinsing and repeating for every other open position in your company. 

An all-in-one HR management platform takes away some of that “busy” work and automates it so that you can focus on the tasks that actually require your expertise and attention. 

Save Money & Time

Having good employee management software can save you money and time in many ways, but an all-in-one platform can save you even more. You’ll save money on only having to learn and train on one platform, you won’t have to go back and forth between different programs, which costs time. 

Having tools from the same company can be quicker and simpler for your employees as well. They know what to expect when they log into their own performance review dashboard or training software because they look very similar, for example.

Stay Organized

With one centralized employee management platform, you are able to stay organized and understand everything you have going on at your workplace. At Trakstar, for example, our products integrate with each other and talk to each other – as well as all of the other tools you’ll use. You’ll be able to move someone from one task to another, assign new learning courses based on performance improvement plans, and even add to onboarding as soon as they sign a contract so they can get started right away.

 When you can move someone seamlessly through your employee management software, you leave a good impression with your employees and they think you really care about them. Even if you don’t mean to do it, forgetting to enroll someone in a course or not getting feedback for their performance review can leave them feeling slighted.

Be Practical

When you use an HR management platform, you are being practical about the work you do. You are busy – everyone knows that human resources leaders are busy every single day. Having to take care of “little” things like moving someone into payroll, adjusting pay rates after raises, or tracking down employees to see who completed training just takes up too much of your time. 

Only learning one piece of employee management software is more practical for everyone – from the people who pay the bills for different pieces of software, to the employees who have to use it.

All-In-One HR Management Software: How To Pick It

One of the best ways to pick HR management software is to see it in a demo format. You can read all of the articles you want (like this one), and even watch videos about your software, but until you see how it functions when you click on something or when you want to do something, you’ll never really know what it’s all about.

Even the best HR management software can come across flat or boring when you read a list of facts about it. What you need is to see how it comes to life. At Trakstar, we personalize the demo experience to your industry, needs, and qualifications so that you aren’t wasting your precious time. Instead, you are getting information about how our HR management software can change the way you do your job and help you out.

Some other things you want to look for when thinking about which human resources platform to purchase? You want to think about:

  • Customer support – will the company be there when you need help?
  • Adaptability – can you change things up and scale your company?
  • Engagement – is this platform something that will help with employee engagement?
  • Reports – are you able to pull data that is ready to go into a report?
  • Remote and hybrid friendly – is your software ready to handle different types of workforces?
  • Can I use this platform with other tools in my HR toolkit?

Request A Demo For An All-In-One Human Resources Platform Today

Are you ready to see an all-in-one human resources platform? Want to know more about how the pieces talk to each other so that you can understand how they work together? We have a great team at Trakstar that can help you visualize using Trakstar, answer all of your questions related to the product, and set you up with next steps.

But first, you need to schedule a demo to get started. You can do so by clicking here.

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