Who has finished Appraisals? Who has not?

Posted by Julie • April 30, 2013 (Last modified June 1, 2022) • 1 min read


If you’d like to know the status of Appraisals in the scoring mode in your organization, use the Appraisals tab in Trakstar!

Here’s a link to the video:


When in the Appraisals area, select the scoring tab.

Green check marks in the Employee, Manager, or Approver columns reveal Appraisals that are done.  Green circles indicate Appraisals in Progress.

How can HR help keep things moving?

  1. If you see three green check marks next to an employee’s name, the appraisal *might* be ready to  be archived.  Check with the employee’s  manager and find out if he/she has shared the Appraisal with the employee yet. If so, ask the manager to archive the Appraisal. Or, use your power of proxy to archive it on behalf of the manager. Remember: if you archive on behalf of the manager, the act of archiving will make the Appraisal visible to the employee, so it’s good to check first.
  2. Remember that delinquent emails are *usually* sent several times after the due date, but likely stop two weeks after the due date. So, if an Appraisal is still in scoring more than two weeks after the due date, you may need to contact the manager as Trakstar emails *may* not be scheduled to continue.

It’s important to archive Appraisals in the scoring mode so that managers and employees receive a fresh, new Appraisal form for the new year.  That way,  new goals can be set and notes can be taken for the current Appraisal period by both the manager and employee.


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