Why Create Two Appraisals for an Employee in Your Performance Review System

Posted by Renee • November 19, 2015 (Last modified July 29, 2018) • 2 min read

First, you might be asking what an appraisal set is. An “appraisal set” provides rules for the employee performance review with a specific manager, form and schedule.


There are various reasons as to why you may need two appraisal sets for an employee within your performance review system.


 Case #1

Maybe you are a company where certain employees report to not one, but two, different managers. You want each manager to review the employee.  With two appraisal sets, you can have one appraisal set for an employee with one manager and another appraisal set with the secondary manager. The employee will have two appraisals, completing one with each manager.


Case #2

Maybe you have an employee that has two roles or jobs within your organization.  One appraisal set would be for one position, and the second appraisal set could cover the other position’s responsibilities.


Case #3

Maybe you have an employee with two managers and two different position titles? One appraisal set would be with one manager and that position and then another appraisal set would be for the additional manager and other position.


Case #4

Maybe you have an employee that you want to complete two different appraisal forms, one being the full appraisal form and one being a shortened form, maybe for an introductory or mid-term appraisal. An appraisal set can be put for one full form (position), and then you can create another shortened form (position) and put the other appraisal set for that other form (position).


Case #5

Maybe you have an employee where you want an appraisal form with competencies and then another appraisal form just for goals. Create one appraisal set for the form with the competencies, and then another set for the form with only the goals.


These are a few examples of why you may have two appraisal sets for an employee. You can leverage your performance review system to help manage various employee situations and performance review needs with two appraisal sets.

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