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Tips and tricks of performance review management

8 Rater Biases that are Impacting your Performance Management

Employee performance is tricky to measure, but one strategy used by millions of domestic and international companies is performance rating. What better way to determine employee abilities than to ask their supervisors, subordinates, and peers who work with them every day? Unfortunately, we are all affected by a wide variety of rater biases that impact […]

24 September 2018

Why It’s Important to Cascade Goals Across Your Organization

If you own a business or organization, you may have many goals for the business. However, many business owners keep these goals to themselves, thinking that their employees either do not care about the goals or should not be privy to the goals of the owner. Withholding all of the goals from your employees can […]

21 September 2018

Critical: What Managers Should Ask at the 90-Day New Hire Performance Review

What is a 90-day Review? A 90-day review is used when hiring new employees or transferring employees to new positions. After the first 90 days, a manager reviews employee performance, goal progress, and discusses future onboarding and training plans. It’s important to come prepared to the 90-day review with an agenda and questions to ask. […]

19 September 2018

How to Write SMART Employee Review Goals For The Performance Appraisal

Most organizations have some sort of performance appraisal system in place to evaluate decisions related to promotions, salary hikes and transfers for employees. To execute that, a set of expectations is established against which employees’ performance is measured. That’s where the importance of writing SMART performance evaluation goals comes in.   What are SMART Goals? […]

18 September 2018

How Frequent Feedback Improves Annual Reviews

The annual review is a staple in many organizations. Human resources is tasked with ensuring managers assess all their team members’ performance and make time to discuss the results with each person. For a week or two every year, much of the focus shifts to the employee evaluation process. However, limiting employee reviews to only […]

17 September 2018

How to Handle a Successful Employee with a Bad Attitude

Everyone has stories about people who are difficult to work with. These experiences are often what makes an otherwise good job a dreadful experience. Often times, the saving grace for these people is they’re good at what they do. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the company to tolerate their bad attitude. If you […]

23 July 2018

Common Problems Growing Companies Face

Every company strives to grow. It means customers are happy, employees are working hard, and the business is achieving its goals, maybe even faster than anticipated. However, with success comes new hurdles to overcome. Challenges related to growth are good problems to have but they’re still problems nonetheless. They need to be confronted head-on if […]

29 June 2018

Happy Pride!

Here at Trakstar we wanted to celebrate Pride Month by sharing what Pride means to some of our employees. Kicking off with our CEO Julie Rieken, read below to see how Pride positively impacts our employees and company. Happy Pride from all of us at Trakstar!   What does Pride mean to you? To me, […]

13 June 2018

Father’s Day 2018

  What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work? My dad is the hardest worker I know. He loves work of all types. He is one of the founders of Trakstar. He had an idea and fully committed to its success, dedicating nights, weekends, early mornings, evenings and holidays to the […]

08 June 2018

10 Tips for Keeping Employee Satisfaction High

Employees are the most important asset a company has. They do all the little things that add up to make a business successful. And because employees do so much for the company, it’s important the company does what it can to keep them happy, comfortable, and productive. The average person wants favorable compensation and great […]

29 May 2018

Data Processesing, GDPR, and Trakstar

From the desk of: Julie Rieken CEO, Trakstar   May 16, 2018   To all of our Valued Customers: Sparked by recent events and new legislation like the GDPR, Trakstar saw an opportunity to revisit and strengthen the strong data processing policies we already had in place. We’re confident that today, we’re better than […]

17 May 2018

How to Identify and Keep Top Performing Employees

Every professional has aspirations to grow their career. They hope hard work will pay off and result in a promotion that comes with more responsibility and higher compensation. Unfortunately, few organizations actually hire from within. A 2015 study conducted by WillisTowerWaston revealed that over 70 percent of employees believe they’ll have to change jobs in […]

19 April 2018

Low-Cost Tips for Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity

Morale and productivity go hand in hand. People do their best work when they enjoy what they do for a living. Fair compensation and a positive work environment are naturally the main requirements for maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Employees who are content with their compensation and get along with their colleagues are able […]

09 March 2018

5 Best Practice Tips for Reducing Rater Bias in Performance Reviews

Effective performance management relies on accurate information from performance reviews. Rater bias undercuts this effort by calling into question the accuracy of these ratings. No one is immune to rater bias, so every HR professional should be aware of its impact. Biases like the halo effect, the leniency bias, and the “similar to me” effect […]

03 August 2017

Succession Planning in Trakstar – The ‘Why’ and The ‘How’

If done right, succession planning is a great way to prepare your workforce and your organization for success in the future. Succession planning is the practice of identifying high-potential employees who will do well in leadership roles and will benefit from additional responsibilities and training. The Succession Planning feature in Trakstar works to confidentially compare […]

25 July 2017

Rating Scales – Why The Words Matter

In two separate studies, Willis Towers Watson found that 45% of employers found that their own performance management systems were ineffective and Deloitte reported that 58% of HR executives felt that performance reviews were a waste of supervisors’ time. These shocking statistics, coming from those who understand the importance of effective feedback, are reflective of […]

20 July 2017

Support Employment Related Decisions With Performance Management Software

Employment related decisions have always been challenging. There is so much about management that can seem subjective, and it is difficult to keep track of everything to get a clear picture of what is really going on. And when you are making decisions about which employees you want to keep, and which to let go, […]

18 July 2017

Including Goals On Your Performance Appraisal Forms

Say the word “performance appraisal” and you will likely register a nearly audible groan in your managers. The truth is, the idea of capturing a person’s performance in a basic appraisal form is an exercise in futility. Without proper calibration amongst raters, results mean nothing. One manager’s “meets expectations” is another’s “exceptional performance”. Yet the […]

13 July 2017

Focal Point Reviews vs. the Anniversary Date Appraisal

The dawn of the 21st century saw a new employee performance evaluation process begin to take hold in organizations across the country. What was once a commonly accepted practice, anniversary date appraisals are being traded not only for the use of focal point reviews, but for the philosophy behind them.   Anniversary Date Performance Appraisals […]

11 July 2017

How to Increase Employee Buy-In to the Appraisal Process

Many employees and managers alike are not huge fans of the performance appraisal, which can defeat the purpose of giving one. Dissatisfaction with, and perceived unfairness about, the performance appraisal process can have grave implications on employee morale, decreasing engagement and increasing the likelihood of turnover. But, research still maintains that having a properly-constructed review process […]

14 March 2017

Modernizing Access with Single Sign-On

As more and more organizations choose Trakstar, we see an increasing variety in how organizations provide their users access to important applications. Recently, we’ve made major improvements in how users can sign in to Trakstar, and allowed admins more flexibility in implementing alternatives to the standard username and password login, such as single sign-on (“SSO”). […]

19 January 2017