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05 August 2020

A Guide to Setting Employee Performance Goals

Setting goals is an important activity in any area of life. Whenever we decide we want to improve at something or overcome a challenge, setting goals helps us see how we’ll make it happen. Any organization with growth ambitions needs to have the same philosophy. Every employee has to focus on work that moves the…

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21 September 2018

Why It’s Important to Cascade Goals Across Your Organization

If you own a business, you may have many high-level organizational goals. However, many business owners keep these goals to themselves, thinking that their employees either do not care about the goals or should not be privy to the business strategy. Withholding all of the top-level goals from your employees can be a huge mistake…

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18 September 2018

How to Write SMART Employee Review Goals For The Performance Appraisal

Most organizations have some sort of performance appraisal system in place to evaluate decisions related to promotions, salary hikes and professional development. To execute that, a set of expectations is established against which employees’ performance is measured. That’s where the importance of writing SMART performance evaluation goals comes in. What are SMART Goals? SMART goals,…

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13 July 2017

Including Goals On Your Performance Appraisal Forms

Say the word “performance appraisal” and you will likely register a nearly audible groan in your managers. The truth is, the idea of capturing a person’s performance in a basic appraisal form is an exercise in futility. Without proper calibration amongst raters, results mean nothing. One manager’s “meets expectations” is another’s “exceptional performance”. Yet the…

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05 January 2017

How to Align Employee & Business Goals with Performance Management

Achieving alignment between your performance management software and your company’s goals doesn’t happen with a few minor tweaks. It takes a full top-to-bottom transformation. Employees need to be working toward something—for the company, and for themselves, and they need to understand what that something is. Alignment between performance management and goals needs to happen during…

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13 October 2016

5 Ways to Help Your Team Keep Their Goals on Track

In the business world, goals are everywhere. Any given businesses may have sales goals, client goals, culture goals, and maybe even overall business goals. As a manager, you delegate tasks to your employees, but when everyone has so much on their plate already, it’s easy to let things slip away. That’s why it’s so important…

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