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Tips and tricks of performance review management

Checklist: Starting an HR Department in a Growing Organization

When you’re a small, nimble organization, it’s fine to have informal human resources processes. If an employee needs a day off, they can just ask their manager. If a new project pops up, it can be assigned to any qualified team member. However, that approach isn’t sustainable as your organization grows. You’ll need to create […]

01 March 2021

Top 24 Human Resources Initiatives for 2021

The new year has arrived and HR professionals are busy preparing their organizations and employees for an outstanding 2021. A few months ago, we sent a survey to the Trakstar user base and posed the question, “What is your top employee/HR initiative for 2021?” The open-ended question generated a total of 359 responses. Survey participants […]

04 January 2021

Top 10 Employee Training Initiatives for 2021

As the year comes to an end, HR and training professionals are getting ready to help their employees acquire the skills and knowledge needed to have an outstanding 2021. We recently surveyed the userbase for our Learning Management System (LMS) and asked what their main employee training initiatives are for the coming year. We received […]

28 December 2020

Top Recruiting and Hiring Initiatives for 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, HR and recruiting professionals are busy preparing their organizations for success in the coming year. We recently surveyed the user base of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offering and asked what the top recruiting and hiring initiatives will be. The survey generated a total of 274 responses. Participants were […]

21 December 2020

Hiring and Interview Tips to Increase Workplace Diversity

Inequality in the workplace is well known yet still prevalent. According to Fortune 500 data, nearly three-quarters of business executives in the United States are white men. While getting a great job is hard enough for anyone outside that group, reaching the top of the corporate ladder is incredibly challenging when you consider a stat […]

19 November 2020

What Pride Means to Us at Trakstar

June is Pride Month and organizations around the world are sharing stories about diversity and inclusion. We here at Trakstar felt inspired to share our stories too.  We presented our team with a few simple questions they could choose to write about. What does Pride mean to you? How can we show others they are […]

24 June 2019

3 Steps to Flatten Rater Bias

Rater bias is, by definition, an inaccurate distortion of a measurement.  Everyone has biases, and we bring our biases to the table when appraising employee performance.  Our biases can inflate or deflate an employee’s ratings, but we want to be fair. How can an organization flatten Rater Bias?  Here are three easy steps. Create awareness. Talk […]

24 September 2018

Happy Pride!

Here at Trakstar we wanted to celebrate Pride Month by sharing what Pride means to some of our employees. Kicking off with our CEO Julie Rieken, read below to see how Pride positively impacts our employees and company. Happy Pride from all of us at Trakstar!   What does Pride mean to you? To me, […]

13 June 2018

Father’s Day 2018

  What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your dad about work? My dad is the hardest worker I know. He loves work of all types. He is one of the founders of Trakstar. He had an idea and fully committed to its success, dedicating nights, weekends, early mornings, evenings and holidays to the […]

08 June 2018

Data Processesing, GDPR, and Trakstar

From the desk of: Julie Rieken CEO, Trakstar   May 16, 2018   To all of our Valued Customers: Sparked by recent events and new legislation like the GDPR, Trakstar saw an opportunity to revisit and strengthen the strong data processing policies we already had in place. We’re confident that today, we’re better than […]

17 May 2018

8 Habits of Highly Successful HR Admins

We often get asked here at Trakstar about best practices around various aspects of appraisals and performance management. While each organization has their own culture, goals and processes to contend with we want to provide some guiding best practices that will apply to everyone with an electronic performance appraisal system. Check out these eight pro-tips […]

08 September 2016

How to Avoid Bias in the Performance Review Process

You can be the greatest, most experienced leader and still suffer from bias. In fact, everyone does to some extent. Despite our best efforts, our thoughts and opinions are influenced by factors we’re not aware of. It’s important to the engagement of your employees, efficiency of the workplace, and overall satisfaction to keep objectivity away […]

11 August 2016

Introducing Trakstar’s New Look

The past few months our team has been heads down redesigning the new look of Trakstar, and on Saturday, April 30, our new look will be live! Some highlights of the new user interface include streamlined typefaces and colors, a new ultimate search bar, and the ability to white label your Trakstar site. If you are […]

28 April 2016

4 Things Every Manager Needs to Hear Right Now

Managing people is difficult. Between learning personalities, pushing deadlines and hitting company goals, leaders feel pressure to ensure none of the hypothetical balls drop. Meanwhile, there are the technical responsibilities of the job: administering performance appraisals, aligning team goals with company needs and completing the pile of non-managerial work. In short, being a leader is […]

12 April 2016

The Top 3% – Cover Letter Examples

You’re looking for a new job. You decide to apply online to a company you’re interested in.  But, you don’t have any connections at the company, and you want your resume to stand out.  Can you get the attention of the hiring manager? Yes, you can! Write a great cover letter, set yourself apart from the crowd […]

08 March 2016

A Very Sweet Trakstar Team Outing this Holiday Season

This December, the Trakstar team got to explore Theo Chocolate, a local chocolate company here in Seattle. We had an awesome afternoon of team bonding, chocolate trivia and, of course, plenty of tastings! A big thank you to the Theo team for having us, inspiring us and sharing your chocolate with the world. We would highly […]

18 December 2015

You Made a Bad Hire. Now what?

Say it isn’t so: Red flags with your new employee, within the first three to six months.  Maybe you did everything right — you interviewed, you checked references, your team was involved, and still, it’s not working. Sometimes it’s obvious. Want to know what issues are most commonly seen? The person you hired spends more […]

10 December 2015

Tips on How to Make a Remote Team Thrive – From a Team that Knows.

Okay so we’re not located globally (yet), but we are spread across three time zones in the US. So, how do we all stay on the same page and remain such a tight-knit team with that much variation? Keep reading to find out!   It all begins in the hiring process — we look for […]

23 July 2015

Making it Stick: 5 Tips for Introducing New Software in the Workplace

So you’ve completed the implementation of a new software tool and you’re excited to get started, but how to do you make sure that all of your hard work isn’t lost? Adoption of new software can be tough on an organization and you want to succeed! Here’s a checklist we compiled to help ensure your […]

16 July 2015

They aren’t listening. I want the button to say, “Employee Reviews.”

Customer: “We love your software. We’d like to change the button that says Appraisal to the word, ‘Review.’ It’s a must-have for our culture.” Employee reviews, check-ins, evaluations, appraisals…there are many variations on the words organizations use to describe that discussion about how things are going each year. Customer: “We love your software. Can we change […]

19 June 2015

Lessons Learned during Software Implementation

When I was single, I thought my dog was like a child. When we had our first child, I thought that books on parenting made me an expert. When I ran my first race, I thought things would go according to the training plan. (And, the Seattle Seahawks thought that pass would be caught.)   […]

02 February 2015