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Tips and tricks of performance review management

Trakstar Superbowl Favorites

It’s Superbowl Sunday this week, and maybe you know this…but Trakstar headquarters is on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The office is a *little* excited right now. We took a survey about the big game and here are some of our Superbowl Favorites. Who will win the Superbowl? Seattle Seahawks – 77% New England Patriots – […]

30 January 2015

2013 BF (before Frozen) v 2014 AF (after Frozen)

There was a holiday season before Disney’s Frozen. There were other songs. Christmas carols, even! I can’t remember that time. Yesterday we went to hear a choir sing for the holidays – with one child dressed in an Elsa costume. If you have a child between 2-12, you’re following along. If you don’t, it’s all right if […]

22 December 2014

Holiday Office Poll – Trakstar’s favorite things!

What fun, a holiday office poll revealed some things about the the Trakstar team and our holiday favorites! Here’s what we asked and the answers: Will you celebrate something in December? 90% – Christmas 0% – Hannukah 10% – Festivus/Other Do you dream of a white Christmas or a sandy beach holiday? 80% – Let it […]

05 December 2014

Fancy Fridays

Twice a month on Fridays, our Seattle office holds “Fancy Fridays”, a day on which all employees make an effort to pull out the ironing board and wear something not purchased from REI.  This looks like success!

19 July 2013

Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Today is Marcus’s birthday. The Trakstar team is celebrating! Who is Marcus? He’s a man who exceeds the minimum height requirements to be a natural born leader. He likes donuts and burgers, with which he celebrates special occasions. In his spare time, he plays various blue grass instruments. He’s a grammar guy, all too familiar […]

05 June 2013

Office Construction

We’ve added new people and had to expand the office. But before the walls came down, we took some time to express ourselves artistically and draw some portraits.  

12 April 2013

IE8/9 Spell Check released this week.

This week, we released spell-check for IE8 and IE9 users.  In a comments box, look for the spell-check box as shown in this picture. Enjoy.

12 April 2013

Sabrina made pulled-pork sandwiches!!

With the leftover Thanksgiving pork, she made pulled pork sandwiches for the office!! Cooper (the office dog) was pretty happy too

26 November 2012