Performance Management

Tips and tricks of performance review management

Avoid a Performance Management Nightmare with These 4 Must-Haves

Most existing performance management systems are stuck in the past – quite literally. They focus on what an employee has done over the last 6, or even 12, months. This doesn’t sound pleasant, especially when trying to remember what has happened in all that time. And, as it turns out, employees aren’t the only ones […]

03 November 2016

How to Improve Employee Success and Development

A performance management program that incorporates 360-degree performance reviews, and frequent feedback, benefits productivity and gives directions needed for employee success. PwC found that 72% of employees under 30 wanted feedback on at least a weekly basis. As a company, how do you ensure that you are conducting the proper review and giving the best […]

27 October 2016

5 Performance Management Trends to Watch for 2017

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could peek into a crystal ball and see your company’s employment future? We can’t tell you who will apply tomorrow or predict the next superstar, but we can give you the tools needed to best manage your talent’s performance.   The workforce is changing and with it comes transformations […]

25 October 2016

The Consequences of a Poorly Constructed Performance Management System

The process of building and maintaining a performance management system for your employees isn’t the easiest thing your company will ever do, but It may be one of the most beneficial. Speaking of all the benefits a great performance management system is inspirational, but the consequences of a poorly developed employee performance program can be […]

18 October 2016

6 Reasons to Never Get Rid of Performance Reviews

Human Resource Departments tend to become frustrated with the lack of results from their performance reviews. Around 70% of companies are now reconsidering their performance management strategy. Are you?   Companies are changing their processes by eliminating performance ratings, where typically they would grade employees’ past performance using numeric scores or qualitative labels and then […]

11 October 2016

Using a Performance Review System to Develop Your Organization and Talent

We live in a time of an ever-evolving workplace where change is seemingly constant. Amid the tumultuous environment it can often be difficult for organizations to figure out what is working well and who the top performers are, even when they may already have the perfect mechanism in place: a performance review system. Soliciting feedback […]

06 October 2016

How to Use STAR Feedback for Evaluation in Your Performance Review System

Writer’s block always strikes at the worst possible moment, doesn’t it? When your performance review system calls for you to leave notes or comments on your employees, you can bet it will make an appearance. No matter how many different ways you Google synonyms for “good job,” the task of leaving those comments becomes much […]

04 October 2016

Why Performance Reviews Are NOT Going Extinct

Performance reviews catch a lot of criticism from both employees and management. The process of delivering a performance appraisal often focuses on a list of what each employee did, or didn’t, do, which can become quite confrontational, and even create competition among employees. Meanwhile, the management team feels pressure to gather months of information from files upon files and […]

22 September 2016

What’s Trending in Performance Management?

Whether technological, societal, or even fashion related, it’s easy to spot trends that affect us all. What is less easy to see are trends that happen in our professional life. Performance management, like any discipline, has its trends, shifts and changes over time. If we ignore these trends, it can adversely affect our recruitment and […]

13 September 2016

Performance Management: The Evolving Mobile Workforce

The workforce is doing what the workforce does best: adapting and evolving. Today’s employees are on the move, and while that provides more innovation and culture, the mobility change can put a great deal of pressure on performance management programs. Thankfully, high potential employees want to be productive and involved with their company, which means […]

06 September 2016

What Does It Mean To Be a 3?

The five-point Rating scale, we see it everywhere. From restaurant ratings, to movie ratings, and even the employee (or manager) performance review, a five-point scale is becoming the norm when talking about how successful something, or someone, may be.   When it comes to interpreting what each rating on a rating scale means, the definition […]

01 September 2016

Performance Management: DIY Style

Often we discuss the ways you, as a manager, can help build performance management strategies for your team; we like to cover the little techniques that make a good strategy become a solid one. As a leader, you spend your days developing future leaders, but how often do you apply that knowledge to your own […]

30 August 2016

Why Employees Want Performance Management Software

From a corporate perspective, it is important to have your employees understand how their day-to-day tasks ultimately affect the overall company, and its overhanging goals. One of the best ways to share these corporate goals, and build parallels to an employee’s day-to-day, is to use performance management software.   Performance management software, when used to […]

25 August 2016

The Golden Rule of an Employee Evaluation System

Do as I say and not as I do. This idiom is repeated time and time again from parents to children and management to employees, specifically with employee evaluation systems. While we are all aware of the underlying meaning of the saying, not everyone may be aware of the adverse effect it can have on […]

18 August 2016

Revamp Your Performance Reviews by Starting with These 3 Questions

Performance reviews have long been viewed as a checkpoint in one’s employment. We’ve said it before, but the performance appraisal is a management tool for success, and the process lives among employees, which means that in order to remain relevant, it needs to be turned on its head every once in awhile. Before the next appraisal, […]

09 August 2016

Behavior-Based Goals: Apply Them to Performance Management

When it comes to setting goals, often we are hung up on the numerical progress. Think: increase customer sign ups by 10%. Though that train of thought is important to the success of a goal list, Employees are motivated by more than just numbers on a page (including the infamous paycheck). Not to mention the […]

04 August 2016

Developing Employees Into Leaders Through Performance Management

Being a good leader is no easy task. In fact, only 27% of Millennial men and 21% of Millennial women believe they have strong leadership abilities. These statistics probably leave any executive a little uneasy, as someday they will be hoping to pass the management baton on to these same individuals. The good news is you […]

26 July 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Better Performance Reviews

When it comes to the performance review, are you always 100% focused on the task at hand in order to achieve a meaningful outcome for both you and the employee? Only 8% of companies report that their performance management process drives high levels of value, while 58% said it is not an effective use of […]

19 July 2016

Managers Are The Key To Successful Performance Management

Are you getting the value out of your performance management system and keeping your employees actively engaged? If not, it might be that your managers don’t know how to implement your performance management system. Honestly, the value of performance management lies in the hands of your managers. Your managers can make or break your performance […]

28 June 2016

Performance Management Steps That Are Often Overlooked

Performance management is not just about the numbers or performance appraisals. We like to think that adopting the newest techniques in employee management will equate to the best team. While you should explore trends and continue providing and soliciting continuous feedback from your workforce, there are many pieces to this employee performance puzzle that go […]

16 June 2016

3 Things Your Performance Management System Should Upgrade this Year

Did you know 70% of employees who gave their managers high ratings also rated their performance management system as “very good”? We can’t say that all good managers have good tools, nor can we say effective tools will make an effective manager, but we do believe leaders and employees alike have a far better chance […]

14 June 2016