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Are you searching for an alternative to Trakstar? Well before you start looking for other options, you should know that over 1000 organizations trust Trakstar with performance management and you should too. Schedule a demo today to learn about one of the top performance management systems on the market today.

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Why You Should Choose Trakstar

Trakstar’s flexible HR platform is entirely cloud-based, meaning there’s no bulky hardware to install and accommodate. It’s simple to use and takes performance management to the next level with unlimited, job-specific, customizable review templates, and goal modules. Featuring automatic email notifications and easy to set schedules, Trakstar helps keep managers and employees on track. Trakstar makes it simple for employees to gain insight into their contributions to the overall picture, allowing them to align their individual goals with those of the company. And while setting and cascading company and department goals helps in their attainment, Trakstar does so much more than that. Trakstar sets itself apart from other performance management software with robust features, which include:

  • Applicant Tracking – develop career pages, post to job boards, ease the way for the right applicant to be referred, and make unified hiring decisions with colleagues, while keeping organized with applicant search and tracking abilities
  • Performance Reviews – get real-time and continuous feedback to identify performance issues before they progress and let managers keep their focus on development
  • Succession Planning – groom existing employees for advancement and plan for at-risk positions
  • 360-Degree Feedback – get feedback in real-time from internal and external sources, using only an email address and incorporate it right into the workflow, keeping managers and employees from falling behind during the review process

Trakstar alternatives might boast more features, but at what cost — and do you really need them? Trakstar helps to improve communication between managers and employees, makes it easy to track goals and competencies, and ensures reviews are done on time. Pricing is all-inclusive, implementation is free, and the support you gain is incomparable. Could you ask for anything more in a performance management software solution? Learn more about how Trakstar delivers insight into areas of strength and development, aligns individual goals with those of your business, and helps to motivate and retain top performers. Request your free demo of Trakstar today, the leader in performance management software.

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