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Axon (formerly Taser International) Takes Performance Reviews Online with Trakstar Amid Rapid Growth

Smart Weapons Manufacturer and Growing Company Streamlines Employee Reviews with Trakstar’s Easy to Use Performance Management Solution

After transitioning from TASER International, Axon shifted their focus towards growing a suite of connected devices and apps, including TASER smart weapons, police body cameras, and industry-leading cloud-based evidence management software. This shift would lead Axon towards becoming the world’s premier public safety company and would bring tremendous growth.

Going Online

In the midst of all this growth, Axon decided to bring on a VP of People Operations for the first time and with this new position came a new perspective on performance reviews. With a higher vantage point out of the day to day craziness of keeping up with all the growth, a person in this position could see that too much time was being spent on administrative tasks like paper performance reviews. Gretchen Mastellon was hired to fill that VP of People Operations position. After coming on board, Gretchen saw the need to take the company off of their Excel based performance review system and go online. Gretchen and her HR team saw a number of benefits to going online, such as saving time and paperwork, while also having 24/7 access to employee records in the cloud. Having reviews online meant they could also get their international offices on the same page.

Deciding on Trakstar

Gretchen started the search for an online performance management system with one main thing in mind; it needed to be easy to use. Marcy Rigoni, Director of Human Resources, noted “new hires were starting each day and system administrators wouldn’t have time to individually train each person with another new tool” so having a system that someone could understand on their own was important.  And so began the process of online research and product demonstrations.

Axon also took this opportunity to adopt 360 degree feedback into their performance management process; something Trakstar offers. With growth can come growing pains while direct managers and teams may be shifting. 360 degree feedback is a great way to get more of the staff involved in providing consistent and multi-faceted feedback.

Performance Reviews Now and Next

Trakstar provides complete flexibility when creating performance reviews online, allowing for open-ended questions, scorable competencies, and individual or company goals. In addition, the onboarding team provides a wealth of industry knowledge. Axon came in with a clear plan to ask open ended questions and request qualitative feedback from employees and Trakstar provided an implementation manager to see their vision come to life. Implementation specialists are there to help with product set-up, administrator training as well as employee and manager training.

As a next phase of their performance management, and with the flexibility Trakstar offers, Axon will be incorporating individual goal setting and tracking.

Axon is still growing and Trakstar is still their tool for performance management. In the near future, Marcy Rigoni is looking forward to an upcoming integration with ADP that will connect all her new hire data on a regular basis and save her even more time.

With Trakstar, Axon has a partner in performance management to help them by providing an easy to use solution, unmatched customer support and ongoing product improvements.

Trakstar has given us the tools to move from Excel spreadsheet reviews to a sustainable platform that we can rely on year after year. New managers are able to view past reviews to gauge performance and set a baseline. Ease of use and customer support are top notch.

Marcy Rigoni

Director of Human Resources
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