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Motivate and engage employees with employee evaluations.

Focus on people, not paperwork, with Trakstar's user-friendly and remote-friendly employee evaluation software.

Empowering hr professionals at over 3,000 companies

Trakstar Platform provides solutions for all your HR needs.

Performance Management

Reviews, engagement surveys, & goal tracking

Learning Management

Auto-enrollment, content delivery, & skill development

Applicant Tracking

Hiring reports, collaborative hiring, & sourcing

Workforce Analytics

Monitor trends, identify opportunities, & take action

Drive results with end-to-end employee management

Trakstar Performance Management Solutions

Customize rating scales, competences, questions, and more to suit diverse teams and reflect you company's culture.

Gather peer, client, report, and manager feedback in order to get a full picture of employee performance.

Encourage self-reflection and learn how employees perceive themselves and their impact in the workplace.

Set, track, and manage SMART, metric, and cascading goals for your employees.

Learn what motivates your employees with company pulse surveys and manager check-ins.

Plan for your company's future by developing your promising talent.

easy integrations

Seamless integrations to your favorite HR and collaboration tools

Trakstar's platform integrates with industry-leading HRIS and productivity tools to streamline your systems. You can access information about what these integrations do so that you can find solutions to your problems, eliminate "busy" work, and streamline your systems effectively.

Why HR professionals  love  Trakstar

Why HR professionals love Trakstar

Start your Trakstar journey with a single module or the full platform

Quantify the soft side of HR with Trakstar. Connect Performance with Hiring and Learning to develop an engaged and productive workforce. Easily scale as your team and needs grow.


trakstar perform

Performance Management

Create a culture of consistent feedback with a performance management tool that is flexible to fit your needs with a great user experience so employees and managers will actually use it.


trakstar learn

Learning Management

Promote training and development with learning management that is easy to manage, adapts for microlearning styles, and includes comprehensive reporting to ensure compliance.


trakstar hire

Applicant Tracking

Discover the best candidates, fast with an applicant tracking system that is top rated for its ease of use, encourages hiring collaboration, and set hiring workflows with ownership at every step.


trakstar insights

Workforce Analytics

Tell stories with your data. Leveraging 20 years of proprietary data, HR leaders gain meaningful analysis and actionable insights through curated, interactive graphs and tables.


trakstar perform

Engagement Surveys

Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization with regularly scheduled, hands off, engagement surveys that uncover actionable insights to keeping employees happy and productive.

world-class customer support

We're here to help you get the most out of Trakstar

Proven Implementation

Proven Implementation

Get up and running fast with Trakstar’s proven 2 week implementation plan.

Immediate Support

Immediate Support

Phone and email support when you need it, with a 5-10 minute average response time.

1:1 Partnerships

1:1 Partnerships

100% CSAT score. Enjoy a 1:1 partnership with our support team.

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