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Trakstar Insights Trakstar Insights

Key People Indicators to Strengthen Your Workforce.

With critical workforce data, you can write your own narrative about how HR can help shape your great business outcomes.

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Introducing Trakstar Insights

Insights offers customers modern analytics—unlocking key employee lifecycle moments around hiring, training, and performance.

Now, You Can Quantify the Intersection of People and Business

Better, More Useful Insights

Insights empowers HR to see talent development data in easy ways, helping inform future direction.

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Automated Integration

Insights connects and reveals data between key employee moments—hiring, learning, and performance. It also integrates with many of your favorite partner solutions.

Intuitive Data Visualization

Easy-to-read data visualizations give HR the ability to show trends in their workforce—and beyond—through cutting-edge business intelligence tools.

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Best-In-Class Benchmarking

Insights uses over two decades of proprietary data, combined with third-party data enrichment, to create actionable, truthful benchmarks for HR operations. Use this information to build better teams with metrics such as employee retention, speed-to-hire, coursework design, and more.

Put Your Data to Good Use

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Just Like Your Teams, Our Solutions Work Better Together.

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Take a modern approach to performance management and help every one of your employees meet their full potential. Set role-specific goals, provide real-time feedback, and conduct performance reviews.

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Train your employees to be superstars. Build online courses that focus on job training, compliance, professional development, and more. Develop a team of high-performing, knowledgable employees.

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Hire better candidates faster with our solution independently-rated #1 in ease-of-use. Post to the best job boards automatically and collaborate with hiring managers at every stage with automated notifications and workflows.

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