The PeopleStar Podcast powered by Trakstar

The PeopleStar Podcast powered by Trakstar

The PeopleStar Podcast — Season 1: Episode 0 — Posted November 2, 2021

The PeopleStar Podcast powered by Trakstar

The PeopleStar Podcast powered by Trakstar

The PeopleStar Podcast — Season 1: Episode 0 — Posted November 2, 2021

About the Episode

Welcome to the PeopleStar Podcast!

In this premiere episode, our host, Julie Rieken walks us through what we are all about here on the PeopleStar Podcast. We want to deliver solutions and advice to HR’s newest challenges, oldest ongoing problems, and emerging trends.

Every week, we do this by asking industry leaders about their experiences, stories, tips, and tricks. Our show will focus on four main topics: people, architecture, routines, and culture.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or challenges about Leadership and HR!

We cannot wait to share with you all the great conversations we are already having!

Key Takeaways


Every company has HR and leadership challenges.


Company culture is often unquestioned but constantly talked about.


Architecture is the way leaders have paved the way for their company.


Routines need consistency and commitment.


In HR, every dawn is a new surprise.

Additional Resources

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Episode Transcript

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PeopleStar Podcast Intro:
Welcome to the PeopleStar podcast. We deliver leadership perspectives from industry experts on their people, architecture, routines, and culture as they solve HR's newest challenges. And now your host, Julie Rieken.

Julie Rieken:
Hello, everyone, welcome to the PeopleStar podcast, powered by TrakStar! This is your host, Julie Rieken. I am incredibly happy to be launching this podcast show. Here you will find the best conversations about human resources. We will have guests from across the industry who will give their advice and experience to answer questions about leadership, employee engagement, organizational development, and creating and establishing a workflow that increases employee performance. There are four main branches we will be talking about: People, Architecture, Routines, and Culture. Each of these branches will focus on different aspects of the human resources department that we are interested in.

Julie Rieken:
People are those rainbow unicorns we are always looking for, the incredible humans out there with all the drive to step up and lead, people who question decisions and always bring up a new way of doing things, always sharing the tricks to make things better. We want to share the stories of those rainbow unicorns and ask leaders how they found those hidden gems during their recruitment and hiring processes.

Julie Rieken:
We are interested in architecture, not the traditional sightseeing you would see in a city or how to build a building from the ground up, we want to see how leaders are creating and paving new paths, how they wind and turn and ultimately lead to success. Leaders also need a team to build these paths.

Julie Rieken:
A huge question we have is how do they choose those people and their evaluation process? How do they compensate them after a job done greatly and the ways they have kept things fresh inside the organization? Two things are incredibly necessary for a routine: consistency and commitment. Both entrepreneurs and lifelong CEOs have thought about the need of these two traits in their work. With our guests, we want to pick their brains and discover which are their routines. They surely must have had one to be successful! Routines also need to be shaken and shuffled once in a while, they can get pretty boring at some point, but deep down in their core, they work.

Julie Rieken:
Culture is our last branch. We've all heard the term company culture, but we never doubt what it is. We always say, oh, that place has a great company culture, why are their employees so happy working there? Why are they so successful? How have they become a leader in the industry? Culture mixes both tradition and the latest, brightest shining thing. They complement each other, and even as time passes, it has to be updated, not erased. Cultures are the perfect combination of myths, stories, memories, beliefs, and traditions with what is available to us today. We want to know how our guests have started or transformed their company culture.

Julie Rieken:
With the PeopleStar Podcast, we want to complement and boost Trakstar's mission and not only deliver people management platforms that empower the growing companies of tomorrow, through tools that find, train and retain great employees, but also open space for communication, listen to other people's experience and advice. All of us are constantly learning how to be great at our job, and when it comes to human resources, every dawn is a new surprise. I genuinely believe that people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters.

Julie Rieken:
I also want to use a couple of minutes to introduce myself. Hi again, I am Julie. I have been Trakstar's CEO for the past six years and I love work! I love a challenge, and guess what? We've got one! Our world has changed so much in the past few years, keeping up can be a whole other game, but it's beautiful and energizing to hear the voices of our customers paired with the creativity of our teams at Trakstar so that we can build meaningful software solutions for people at work. I hope this show is helpful to you. If you have an HR question or challenge and want to discuss it and give you our questions, please feel free to share them with us at and we will try to answer them in a future episode!

PeopleStar Podcast Outro:
Thanks for listening to the PeopleStar podcast. For the show notes, transcript, resources, and more ways to get a seat at the table, visit us at

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