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It’s time for the employee performance reviews again. Do you ever feel like a broken record when you’re discussing the same issues and setting the same goals year after year because you don’t have a performance management software system in place to help track employee performance? To the delight of human resource departments and CEOs everywhere, Trakstar has the solution. Trakstar’s Performance Appraisal Software, which includes 360 review software, makes it simple to set goals, have performance conversations, and do reviews with ongoing feedback tools that help people focus on doing great work.

Why Use Trakstar's 360-Degree Feedback?

Gathering 360-degree feedback is one of the most effective tools that ensure employees get broader, fairer feedback to help support established goals. Trakstar makes it easy to request employee feedback from anyone within the organization or by sending a request to someone outside of the organization, such as a vendor or partner. All you need is an email address! Trakstar’s modern interface allows you to easily choose who has access to 360-degree feedback by building it right into the workflow of the review, so employees and managers don’t fall behind during review time. Not to worry, the manager has full control over what is shared with the employee (such as supervisor feedback) and whether they see who the feedback was submitted by. Knowing that employees will never see anything they aren’t supposed to helps take the stress out of requesting and managing 360-degree feedback. No other performance management software is more flexible with benefits that allow:

  • Ability to set and update goals while tracking real-time progress and employee performance throughout the year
  • Improved communication skills with flexible performance review forms,  automated reminder emails, online surveys, note-taking with time stamp, and journaling to help facilitate meaningful feedback between managers and employees
  • Detection of performance issues before they go unnoticed and the potential to locate your high performers for further development with easy to read and data-driven reports

Trakstar enables supervisors and human resource departments to increase efficiency and complete effective employee appraisals with the help of tools like 360-degree feedback software. Request your free demo today to experience superior performance reviews that encourage professional development and growth.

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