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If you want to take the stress out of candidate sourcing and posting to the ever-changing number of job boards, Trakstar Hire partners with high-traffic job boards where your postings will be seen by today’s top talent.

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Post Your Job In Multiple Locations At Once

Use our applicant tracking system to post your job openings to multiple locations at once. With Trakstar Hire, you’ll be able to post across many of today’s top job boards, including:

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Which boards work for you and which ones don’t? See right in the Trakstar Hire dashboard with Trakstar Insights! You’ll be able to pinpoint the most successful job boards to focus your efforts. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, qualified candidates are looking on job boards far and wide. Job hunters can apply via these boards, then Trakstar Hire will help you streamline the candidate experience.

Harness Your Social Network

Whether you prefer to use job boards, your company’s website, or something else, theres’s no denying the power of social media. Trakstar Hire has the option to share your openings to LinkedIn, Twitter, or your favorite social media platform.

You spend so much time building a social following, why not utilize that power? Use these openings to not only bring in some of today’s top talent, but to hint at things to come for your company.

Harness Your Social NetworkHarness Your Social Network

Cut Down On Manual Labor

One of the most laborious parts of posting on job boards to get applicants is downloading resumes and parsing through them. Trakstar Hire helps to cut down on time by automatically importing information through your email. You’ll get a unique email address where you can forward candidate information. This makes it easier to parse through resumes and act quickly on your chosen talent.

Cut Down On Manual LaborCut Down On Manual Labor

Collaborate With External Recruiters

Does your company work with external recruiters? If you do, Trakstar Hire is one of your best tools to improve communication and collaboration. With Hire, it is easy to add a new external user through email. You can identify this user as a recruiter and track their results. Use this to hone your talent acquisition strategy and improve results.

External recruiters won’t have access to your sensitive data. Instead, they’ll work within your system and help you get results.

Collaborate With External RecruitersCollaborate With External Recruiters

Career Site Management

If you have a career page on your company’s website, Trakstar Hire will help you keep it up-to-date for openings. Promote your job openings on a career site for candidates who are actively searching for a job with you. These candidates are likely more motivated to schedule interviews and become top candidates.

Career Site ManagementCareer Site Management

Trakstar Hire Is Built For Unique Situations

You have unique hiring needs and the hiring managers at your organization will all ask for different things. We’ll help you build customizable job application forms to help you gather the right information as you need it. When it is time to schedule interviews with candidates who fit your ideal profile, you’ll be ready to go.

Trakstar Hire Is Built For Unique SituationsTrakstar Hire Is Built For Unique Situations

Trakstar’s candidate sourcing software posts right to top job boards and keeps your own career site updates, saving you time. We’ll help you automate the most time-consuming portions of recruiting and hiring new employees.

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