Candidate Sourcing

Start your hiring efforts on a positive note by sourcing quality candidates.

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Automatic Job Board Postings

Publish new openings on your favorite job boards. Trakstar Hire integrates with multiple sites and automatically broadcasts openings when they go live.  

Convert Resumes to Job Profiles

Forward resumes stored in your inbox to a unique email created by Trakstar Hire. Resumes are automatically converted into a consistently-formatted candidate profile. 

Collect Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to recommend people in their network for open roles. Generate a unique job posting URL or email for each employee and track the source of referrals. 

Work with External Recruiters

Allow recruiting agencies to contribute to your candidate sourcing efforts. They can have candidates apply via a custom URL or add them to Trakstar Hire using a limited-access login.

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Trakstar's performance management software is the best way to implement a fair system for the performance review process if you are looking to attract, identify, and keep talented employees. Request your free live demo of Trakstar today and experience a better way to do performance management.

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