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Explore data-rich reports that help your organization improve in all aspects of hiring.

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Hiring Reports streamline & improve the hiring process

When you bring in new hires, it’s essential to look for automation, streamlining, and improvement opportunities. Your hiring initiatives impact almost every aspect of your workforce, including onboarding, retention, goal setting, and more. Use hiring reports to inform the other initiatives you have.

Candidate Source Report

Discover where your best candidates come from. See the number of applicants from each source and how far they advance through your hiring process.

Talent acquisition isn’t always a game of numbers. Use our source report to minimize the number of junk applications and focus online on the job boards and demographics you want.

Dig deeper into job descriptions and the number of candidates you get with specific changes. New hire reporting makes it easier to see what works and what doesn’t while streamlining and automating the daily tasks of the Human Resources department.

Candidate Source ReportCandidate Source Report

Interviewers & Reviewers Report

Uncover biases in your hiring team. Find out if interviewers or resume reviewers rate candidates too high or low and coach them to give accurate evaluations. Use this report to train hiring managers and the recruiting team to be better at their jobs and improve the overall candidate experience.

Use recruiting metrics to eliminate bias and bring in the best new hires, not just those who fit the mold.

Interviewers & Reviewers ReportInterviewers & Reviewers Report

Stage Movement Report

Learn where the bottlenecks occur in your recruiting process. View the average number of days candidates spend at each stage in the hiring process. Use our applicant tracking system to monitor applicant experience and initiatives.

Combine the power of Trakstar Hire with Trakstar Insights, our built-in dashboard that helps the hiring team and HR leaders understand what’s going on in your workforce using your own data. See how bottlenecks impact the process and how your changes help or hurt the hiring process.

Stage Movement ReportStage Movement Report

EEOC Compliance Report

Include an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) questionnaire on your application and generate a report that confirms compliance with state and federal laws surrounding DE&I and more.

Use this form to gather employee referrals, sort through job seekers, and build a recruiting strategy.

EEOC Compliance ReportEEOC Compliance Report

Hire is the easiest way to streamline your hiring reporting and compliance needs. With additional features like customizable hiring workflows, automated offer management, reporting and data to help you optimize your hiring process, automatic enrolling in onboarding, pricing, integrations with HRIS, and so much more, Hire can help you elevate your workforce.

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