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Employee Engagement Reporting & Analytics

Uncover actionable insights to improve engagement in your organization.

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Empowering hr professionals at over 3,000 companies

Powerful Engagement Reports

Analyze Pulse Survey results with beautifully-designed reports. Explore engagement scores, response rates, comments, and trends.

Segment Survey Results

Filter survey data by groups and time periods. Discover where in your organization engagement is lowest and track improvements over time.



Segment Survey ResultsSegment Survey Results

Real-Time Dashboard

Instantly view survey results as employees provide their responses. Get a quick overview of scores and comments from your latest Pulse Survey.

Real-Time DashboardReal-Time Dashboard

The Industry's Leading Talent Development Platform for HR

Trakstar supercharges employee performance around pivotal moments in talent development. Remove your manual processes with our innovative software and world-class support. Make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

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