Employee engagement reporting and analytics

Uncover actionable insights to improve engagement in your organization using analytics and reports that make sense.

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Powerful Engagement Reports

Analyze Pulse Survey results with beautifully-designed reports. Explore engagement scores, response rates, comments, and trends. Use these reports to shape your employee engagement strategy, report your findings to stakeholders, and make the right decisions to create the type of culture you want at your organization.

If you’re frequently asked to show the impact of your efforts, report on employee engagement rates, or analyze retention trends, our software gives you all the data you need based on real-life interactions with your employees, including information from performance reviews, check-ins, and pulse surveys.

Tie Employee Engagement to Performance

Employee engagement is a big part of performance reviews – and performance reviews are part of engagement!

From our engagement module, you can run surveys, check the pulse of your workforce, and get feedback from your workforce. Managers, leaders, and individual departments can run surveys as well. While others charge separately for employee engagement software, at Trakstar, engagement is a complimentary feature of Perform.

Tie Employee Engagement to PerformanceTie Employee Engagement to Performance

Segment Survey Results

Want to do more with your employee data? It isn’t enough to simply look at data from one perspective. With our software, you’re able to filter survey data by groups and time periods to discover how any changes impacted your organization. Did you implement a new performance review timeline? Hire someone new? Use filters to test theories, get the real information, and arm yourself with data.

Even with anonymized data, you can segment and understand where your problem areas are, where things are going well, and how things are trending. Get board-ready presentations to show trends and help others understand where things are going – and perhaps even more importantly, where they’ve been.

Segment Survey ResultsSegment Survey Results

Overcome Low Employee Engagement Rates

You can’t do anything if you don’t know there’s a problem. Perform’s employee engagement reporting helps you identify engagement problems and even contributing factors. Tie those results back to performance, goals, and attrition to get the full story. Using engagement survey reporting, get better at spotting problem areas so that you can work sooner, eliminating the need for more intensive steps.

Discover where in your organization engagement is lowest and track improvements over time. See what works and what doesn’t so that you can replicate it when you need to make educated decisions in a short amount of time.

Overcome Low Employee Engagement RatesOvercome Low Employee Engagement Rates

Real-Time Dashboard

Need to run a survey and get results quickly? Is there a problem you need to get ahead of or a question you need answered? Our surveys are sent right to your employees’ email. We integrate with a number of communication tools as well, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

When you need numbers and reports quickly, instantly view survey results as employees provide their responses. Get a quick overview of scores and comments from your latest Pulse Survey.

Real-Time DashboardReal-Time Dashboard

Employee Engagement Reporting & Analytics for All

Learn from survey results and pinpoint where improvement will better serve your employees. Use Trakstar Analytics to view real-time dashboards, drill down into data, and segment groups and time periods like never before. Use Trakstar Insights to see your employee engagement benchmarking data compared to your industry and company-size peers.

Our HR software goes beyond employee engagement rates and analytics. We’ve worked with some of the best HR leaders from over 3,000 companies to help you understand your results and get on the right track.

We’ve worked employee engagement analytics into each workflow of the employee lifecycle. Help other people in your workforce understand other departments, trends, and engagement so that you can all work together to foster a better organizational culture.

Employee Engagement Reporting & Analytics for AllEmployee Engagement Reporting & Analytics for All

As an employee, you’re expected to know your numbers and the impact you’re having on your workforce. The best way to do this is through employee engagement analytics and reporting that eliminate bias. Numbers tell us what is true.

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