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Employee Engagement Surveys for Improved Happiness & Retention

Measure and improve employee engagement, happiness, and productivity for outstanding results.

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Increase Communication and Transparency with Engagement Surveys

Surveys can be used as a practical way to check the pulse of your employees, prioritize upcoming initiatives, or even as part of a retention strategy. Engaged employees are happier, healthier, and more productive in what they do. Looking into the future, employee wellness initiatives are going to be massively important to eliminate churn and improve employee retention. Trakstar has had surveys as part of the employee lifecycle for a long time – and we’ve perfected them.

Trakstar has employee engagement software built right into our performance management software to pair the two together and tie employee performance to engagement, happiness, and experience.

Employee Surveys for HR Leaders & Talent Development

Use our pulse surveys as Human Resources initiatives for retention, culture improvements, employee recognition, internal communication, action plans, and much more.

With engagement surveys, HR leaders are given the resources they need to improve the employee experience for everyone. Leaders and management will have more insights into employees, Human Resources gets actionable insights to boost engagement and quell attrition, and employees get the sounding boards they need to feel heard.

Employee Surveys for HR Leaders & Talent DevelopmentEmployee Surveys for HR Leaders & Talent Development

Survey Questions, Ready to Use

Take advantage of Trakstar’s survey library proven to measure engagement. Automatically send surveys on specific topics or create custom surveys—the choice is yours.

Through Trakstar Academy and other resources, learn what pulse surveys work the best for retention, engagement, and employee satisfaction. Don’t want to use any of our survey questions? Our templates are completely customizable and made to fit your organization.

Survey Questions, Ready to UseSurvey Questions, Ready to Use


Collect employee feedback with Trakstar Engagement Surveys. Easily send staff-wide surveys on a preset schedule and track results and sentiment over time. With auto-scheduling, you can use check-ins at any point in the year to keep your employees engaged and ensure team members from throughout your workforce get a say in what initiatives are next for your company.

With auto-scheduling, Human Resources and managers can set a timeline and stick with it. If employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, or improving company-wide communication are part of your goal setting and OKRs, you need an employee experience platform that helps you get it done.


Easy Email Response

Encourage survey participation with automated email reminders to your team. Employees seamlessly click from their inbox to Trakstar to complete their survey with no login required.

Performance reviews and real-time pulse surveys are easier than ever with Trakstar’s employee engagement platform. Employee engagement tools sometimes require too many additional log-ins or downloads, but not Trakstar’s. Our best employee engagement software is part of the Trakstar platform that requires one log-in for all of your integrations.

Easy Email ResponseEasy Email Response

Reporting & Analytics

Learn from survey results and pinpoint where improvement is needed. Use Trakstar Analytics to view real-time dashboards, drill down into data, and segment groups and time periods.

Our HR software goes beyond employee reward systems, incentives, or gamification. We’ve worked surveys into all of the workflows of the employee lifecycle. Employee feedback shouldn’t be used for employee engagement solutions and nothing else. It shouldn’t only be used by HR teams.

With Trakstar, you can use it to inform other aspects of your company’s culture, encourage high performance, gain metrics and real-time insights to report your efforts, highlight top talent, and so much more.

Reporting & AnalyticsReporting & Analytics

As an HR leader, it is your job to ensure that employee experience and engagement are on the right track — from the moment of hire, throughout onboarding, at every performance review, and through succession and attrition.

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