Employee Performance Check-In

The Employee Performance Check-In tool not only measures employee engagement on an individual basis. It also promotes productive conversations between managers and their direct reports. By answering a few simple questions, employees are empowered to share their authentic feelings with their team leader, improving engagement and the employee’s performance.

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Pre-Check-in Questionnaires

Frequent check-ins should go beyond, “What are you working on?” With the Trakstar Engagement Check-In tool, team members complete a short prompt prior to their meeting with their manager. They provide a rating on a 1-to-5 scale and additional comments for the following questions. 

  • How successful was your week? What worked? What didn’t? Please elaborate.
  • To what degree do you feel empowered to do your job? Please elaborate.
  • Do you feel like your work is making a meaningful impact? Please elaborate

Enhance Employee Performance

Employees meet their performance goals when they receive real-time, ongoing feedback from their manager.

Engagement-focused weekly check-ins help managers resolve any issues hindering an employee’s happiness and productivity and provide direction that maximizes performance.

Effectively Measure Engagement

Trakstar Engagement is designed to help you gauge the satisfaction of every person in your organization and build toward better performance reviews. In addition to our Employee Performance Check-In tool, we offer pre-built Company Pulse Surveys and the ability to create custom Employee Surveys. Request a demo today and see our employee engagement and performance management software!

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Trakstar's performance management software is the best way to implement a fair system for the performance review process if you are looking to attract, identify, and keep talented employees. Request your free live demo of Trakstar today and experience a better way to do performance management.

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Trakstar has allowed Christian Health Care Center to transform an antiquated paper-based performance evaluation tool into an efficient and reliable on-line system.
Jennifer Vitrano
Vice President, Information Services, Christian Health Care Center