Clear comparisons against your competitors & industry standards

Understand your successes, focus your energy, and set goals to plot your future map. No ambiguity here—Trakstar Insights includes benchmarking to help HR review talent management in real-time.

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What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is an analysis strategy used across different industries, sectors, and organizations. For human resources, benchmarking helps you understand where you stand in your industry when hiring, retaining, and engaging your top talent.

Benchmarking for Trakstar Insights uses aggregated, anonymized Trakstar data, so there’s no risk. Instead, you’ll reap the benefits: we’ll show you where your organization stands against companies of similar size or in your industry. In addition, take a deeper dive into learning what next steps you can take to improve your workforce.

Board-Ready Presentations In Seconds

Stop spending precious time building spreadsheets. As an HR leader, you’ll have access to the analytical data needed to make decisions with ease. The impact will go beyond saving time: you’ll earn HR a seat at the table by showing how your organization is performing against your industry.

Use all of our tools available in Insights, including benchmarking, to download data and analysis in presentation-ready forms. Pull Excel and PDF documents of your data that are ready for your board presentation.

Spend more time developing your talent while Trakstar Insights and Benchmarking takes care of the heavy lifting.

Board-Ready Presentations In SecondsBoard-Ready Presentations In Seconds

How Engaged is Your Workforce?

For many organizations, it’s tough to identify top performers—and even harder to identify bottom performers. It’s nearly impossible to identify those who fall somewhere in the middle but have the potential to be top performers.

Looking beyond that, employee engagement is a more challenging metric to understand. How engaged are your top performers? Are they at risk of leaving?

Using benchmarking, you can get a deeper analysis of your performers and their engagement surveys. Is the majority of your company engaged? Or is it just your top performers? See how their response rates stack up versus industry peers.

How Engaged is Your Workforce?How Engaged is Your Workforce?

Nurture Your Top Talent

Know an employee’s career path to engage them with the proper training at the appropriate time to see their continued success. Understanding where they fall on the employee lifecycle can help you chart future plans, set goals, and make better business decisions.

Your talent is always looking ahead, and you need to be too. Stay ahead of the curve with your people analytics. Keep up with your talent and know what hurdles may come next and how to avoid them.

Nurture Your Top TalentNurture Your Top Talent

Understand the Employee Lifecycle

Look at the big picture, then zoom in to see the granular data you need to make real change. Your employees follow a predictable path, but you might not always be able to see it. With Insights and benchmarking, you can see that pathway for specific roles, departments, shifts, and more. Be a leader in your industry when it comes to the lifecycle of employees.

Understand the Employee LifecycleUnderstand the Employee Lifecycle

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The Great Resignation has taken a toll on your ability to keep positions filled with top talent. Benchmarking will give you more knowledge into your employee retention as it relates to performance. Quickly pull metrics and get tips around your retention rates and how to keep your people engaged and performing at a high level.

Give HR the tools needed to manage the attrition rate. Plan for where there may be talent gaps and predict how long it will take to hire for those roles.

Stay Ahead of the CurveStay Ahead of the Curve

Benchmarking shows the potential of your HR department and your entire workforce. We have the tools to help you succeed in all areas of talent development, including attract, retaining, engaging, and understanding your top talent.

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