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Multimedia Learning Content For Hybrid, Remote, & In-Person Teams

Most employees get more out of multimedia learning content than they do any other type of training. Why? It helps reach different learning styles, is more engaging, and tends to stick with them more than any other type of training. Unsure of how to build multimedia learning content? Trakstar Learn can help you there.

With our LMS, you can easily build courses consisting of PowerPoints, videos, audio, text documents, and more. Use templates you already have, build new assessments, and learn new ways of instructional design with our elearning software.

Go beyond traditional learning content that gets stale and doesn’t make the impact you want it to. Instead, create engaging courses that appeal to employees with different learning styles and learners. HR leaders are having trouble training remote and hybrid employees, and multimedia content may be the answer to that problem. With Trakstar Learn’s intuitive elearning authoring tools and functionality, it’s easy to adapt to online learning, even from a distance.

Easier Course Creation For Organizations Of All Sizes

When HR leaders are tasked with creating new training materials, time matters. With Trakstar, you can enjoy a simplified course creation process that doesn’t take hours upon hours of work. Content uploaded to Trakstar Learn maintains its original format and is editable in our software, making it easier to bring your existing materials to our software and supercharge it.

Purpose-built to work with modern learning tools, our learning management system helps you build content that works and provides a better learning experience for your employees. You won’t have to change the training materials that already exist and work for you, but you will find new ways to present content that hasn’t stuck.

Easier Course Creation For Organizations Of All SizesEasier Course Creation For Organizations Of All Sizes

eLearning Software for the Modern Workforce

Courses for a modern, savvy workforce need to be interactive, visually captivating, and functional. Historically, it has also taken a long time to get your historical training there, so companies just don’t. If you’re doing this, you’re wasting an opportunity. Use our software to create courses and training they want to take in a shorter amount of time.

Our authoring software makes it easy for you to build course content that can be reused across your workforce in a professional manner. Impress new hires, upskill your top performers, and turn around employees that have been struggling. How? You can use our LMS to overcome the interactive learning curve so many people have. Utilize microlearning courses to keep your workforce engaged or build complete course books to make your employees subject matter experts. The possibilities are limitless when you partner with us.

Have an older workforce? Thanks to our functionality and intuitive design, even employees who aren’t technically savvy can use our LMS easily. You won’t have to sacrifice your training content. You can attach downloads for offline use as well so they can keep them for their records, print them out, and reference them when they need to.

eLearning Software for the Modern WorkforceeLearning Software for the Modern Workforce

Multimedia Course Creation

Whether you want to build out multimedia or PowerPoint presentations, record videos, take screen recordings, give quizzes and assessments, generate interactive content, promote independent learning, increase gamification, or improve your onboarding, Trakstar Learn is one of the best elearning authoring tools on the market.

Don’t have training content yet? Our elearning authoring tools are intuitive and easy to learn, so anyone in your workforce can help you generate training content to use across your workforce. We use it ourselves for content creation and training!

Multimedia Course CreationMultimedia Course Creation

Set the Standard By Improving Onboarding

With workflows between Trakstar Hire and Trakstar Learn, you can automatically enroll new hires in your training content. Use our elearning authoring tools to set courses and modules that ease your new employee into the workforce, teach who you are, and set up processes that prime them for success. Use different question types to measure engagements and assessments to ensure they are ready for the workplace.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for new hires to access training materials and content. This is the same user-interface they’ll see in Trakstar Perform as well, so you’ll be able to save time on training.

Set the Standard By Improving OnboardingSet the Standard By Improving Onboarding

SCORM Compliant

Upload learning content from Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Trakstar Learn supports and preserves most SCROM 1.2 e-learning content so you can use your preferred forms of content. Use our advanced features to go even deeper, build beautiful online courses, or use pre-built pathways to get started.

Build learning content that works on different devices (Macs, desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and so much more) so that you are prepared for an ever-changing workforce.

SCORM CompliantSCORM Compliant

Get Started With Our E-Learning Course Creation Software

We get it, building out interactive courses, training programs, and other courses is intimidating. Our LMS will be one of the best parts of your HR toolkit – our customers keep finding new ways to use it! More than just elearning courses or a learning management system, Trakstar Learn is your partner in training, educating, upskilling, and engaging your employees. Using Trakstar Insights, you’ll see the impact of your elearning courses and modules so you can make changes or stay on the path to success.

With world-class implementation and customer service, your team can be ready to go quickly to make the most out of your training opportunities and time.

Get Started With Our E-Learning Course Creation SoftwareGet Started With Our E-Learning Course Creation Software

Trakstar’s learning management system is the best way to build modules with a lot of elearning content or just a few high quality courses.

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