360-Degree Performance Reviews

Growth-minded employees, managers, and workplaces need holistic, meaningful feedback. Trakstar’s industry-leading 360-degree review capabilities enable conversations that lead to change, engagement, and retention.

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Why Should Your Organization Adopt 360-Degree Performance Reviews?

Out of over 3,700 customers in different industries, 65% of Trakstar customers conduct 360-Degree performance reviews. Providing the flexibility needed to be successful, Trakstar enables managers, coworkers, and even outside contributors to create a more rounded view of an employee during the review process so that everyone is working towards the same goals. Their feedback is centralized on key components of performance and guided to make it easier for managers to gain insights into just how an employee is doing.

With Trakstar’s software, you can decide when, where, why, and how 360-degree reviews are collected. Align with your company’s culture and ideals to create a safe place for employees to grow and feel seen. Use our best practices to eliminate bias in the performance review process, generate meaningful conversations, and even align expectations across departments.

What is the 360-Degree Review Process?

With Trakstar, you can choose who has access to 360-degree feedback by building it right into the workflow of the review so your employees and managers don’t fall behind during review time. The manager has complete control over what is shared with the employee (such as peer feedback or constructive feedback) and whether they see who the feedback was submitted by, which helps take the stress out of requesting and managing 360-degree feedback. Trakstar’s modern user interface delivers a better way to do performance management with other features that include:

  • Ability to set and update goals while tracking progress and employee performance throughout the year
  • Discovery of performance issues before they go unresolved
  • Pre-generated questionnaires for efficiency
  • Competencies based on job description and duties

What is the 360-Degree Review Process?What is the 360-Degree Review Process?

Positive, Holistic Reviews Across Your Organization

Traditional performance reviews show only a portion of an individual employee’s impact. With the help of 360-degree reviews, managers and leaders get the full picture of employee performance.

Our 360-degree feedback tool automates reviews for respondents and employees. With feedback surveys and questionnaires built right into the Trakstar Perform dashboard, we make it easy to collect feedback, facilitate employee development, and keep retention rates high through employee experience and real-time feedback.

Your people need to grow and adapt—and sometimes that message gets lost when it comes from managers. However, when it comes from their peers, they are more likely to make positive changes.

Positive, Holistic Reviews Across Your OrganizationPositive, Holistic Reviews Across Your Organization

360-Degree Performance Reviews Make Feedback More Comprehensive

When you ask multiple team members to reflect on an employee’s performance, you get the clearest and most accurate portrayal of an employee’s performance. This feature eliminates bias in the review process and enables HR to identify top performers and those who may need to improve.

If you have large teams, multiple shifts or locations, or you struggle to monitor employee performance, 360-reviews can help managers feel comfortable making decisions around retaining and engaging employees. With 360-degree performance reviews, you can track performance all year.

360-Degree Performance Reviews Make Feedback More Comprehensive360-Degree Performance Reviews Make Feedback More Comprehensive

360-Degree Reviews Lead To Better Employee Engagement

Employees who feel like they are being heard and respected are more likely to work harder and stay with a company. With 360-degree feedback, employees can be open with how they feel about their coworkers, managers, and leaders. They know that their reviews are read and taken into consideration because, in turn, they are given the same 360-degree reviews.

Even better, employees who receive 360-degree feedback are more motivated to improve and stay consistent with their daily efforts. With Trakstar, it’s easier to create a culture of accountability and strength.

360-Degree Reviews Lead To Better Employee Engagement360-Degree Reviews Lead To Better Employee Engagement

Get Reviews From Outside Of Your Organization

A 360-degree review is an essential part of the performance review process, but they can be hard to gather. Trakstar empowers leaders with the tools they need to collect feedback from internal and external sources to highlight a complete overview of an employee’s impact on an organization.

Trakstar makes it easy to request employee feedback from anyone from inside or outside of your organization. All they need is an email address! They’ll get a template in our feedback tool that they can use to guide their reviews. Use this feature with outside vendors, partners, or companies.

Get Reviews From Outside Of Your OrganizationGet Reviews From Outside Of Your Organization

360-Degree Feedback Software from Trakstar

If you already have a 360-degree feedback process, Trakstar can help you find the inefficiencies and make it stronger. Trakstar’s cloud-based 360-degree feedback software helps create a culture of excellence and a more effective review process by eliminating some of the manual work that HR leaders and managers have to do. By streamlining everything, people take their reviews more seriously and give more thoughtful feedback. Some other features HR leaders enjoy include:

  • Getting feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and partners
  • Keeping performance reviews on schedule with automatic notifications for all raters
  • Getting alerts with incoming reviews and survey answers

From onboarding to succession, using 360-degrees to improve employee experience and performance is a proven pathway to success by supporting initiatives you already have and helping to improve them.

360-Degree Feedback Software from Trakstar360-Degree Feedback Software from Trakstar

How To Use 360-Degree Review

If you haven’t implemented a 360-review process before, it might seem intimidating. Trakstar makes it easy! To start the 360-degree feedback process, you can use Trakstar Perform to build rating scales, survey templates, development plans, and more. Then, you can lay out a schedule to gather reviews, determine who needs to leave them, and work with managers to successfully deliver the results.

Other features include:

  • Enable or disable 360-degree reviews for individual employees
  • Collect reviews throughout the year instead of all at once
  • Anonymous or visible review capabilities
  • Plan upskilling or training opportunities
  • Keep a positive company culture

Feedback reports and 360-degree reviews are only a small part of what Trakstar Perform does as part of the Trakstar Platform.

How To Use 360-Degree ReviewHow To Use 360-Degree Review

Trakstar’s Platform Makes 360-Degree Reviews—and the Aftermath—Better

Trakstar is one of the leading HR platforms that includes performance management software to facilitate 360-degree feedback. Once reviews are done, the platform helps with succession planning, training, upskilling, and more to ensure that the feedback received leads to actionable change.

It’s important to act quickly after performance feedback, and with Trakstar’s platform, it’s easier than ever. With a clean and simple interface, it is one of the most powerful HR solutions on the market today.

Trakstar’s Platform Makes 360-Degree Reviews—and the Aftermath—BetterTrakstar’s Platform Makes 360-Degree Reviews—and the Aftermath—Better

Trakstar enables supervisors and human resource departments to increase efficiency and complete appraisals on time with the help of features like 360-degree feedback.

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