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Using SMART goal setting software creates a pathway for setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals and generating action plans.

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Write Goals That Make Sense

If you need help creating goals and templates that make sense for your workforce, the Trakstar platform can help you get there. With Trakstar, you’ll be able to develop goals during performance reviews and check-ins when you talk about succession, OKRs, PIPs, learning pathways, employee performance, and so much more.

Use Trakstar to set individual goals that make sense and department-wide goals that touch on all of your team members in subgoals and action plans. You can even use Trakstar to break down organizational goals into personal goals, metrics, and teams within specific time frames.

Set Due Dates and Email Reminders

Performance management is difficult for leaders of big teams or those who work different shifts. With Trakstar, you can set a due date for your goals, break goals into milestones, and monitor progress in real-time using metrics from Insights, data from Trakstar Learn, or check-ins with Trakstar Perform.

Trakstar will automatically send email reminders and notifications when a milestone is coming up, helping team members understand what’s expected of them and making goal management easier.

Set Due Dates and Email RemindersSet Due Dates and Email Reminders

Align to Strategic Goals

Aligning employee performance to company goals is one of the best ways to stay on track and succeed. Trakstar helps take business goals and big picture ideas and break them down into individual goals that are specific, time-bound, and achievable.

Use the goal templates built within Trakstar’s management tool to increase success, report critical results, and keep your goals on track.

Align to Strategic GoalsAlign to Strategic Goals

Cascade to Others to Save Time

Cascade goals help take employee engagement to the next level. Use our goal-setting software to improve the functionality of teams across your organization by setting goals at the highest level and breaking them into specific individual or team goals.

Goal tracking is hard for leaders who don’t talk to employees daily or even weekly. Use Trakstar to save time and check on goal progress without checking in with employees or constantly monitoring a team’s performance.

Cascade to Others to Save TimeCascade to Others to Save Time

Set Goals Based on Performance

Have goals around upskilling and development? Use your performance reviews and appraisals to check in with your employees, then automatically enroll them in courses and training.

When you give your employees daily goals or attainable goals, and then you give them the tools to complete them, you’re more likely to have engaged employees who are willing to work.

Set Goals Based on PerformanceSet Goals Based on Performance

Using the framework within Trakstar, you can build action plans, milestones, and pathways that lead your employees to success. At the same time, you’re helping your organization reach its OKRs and performance metrics.

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