Employee Goal Setting Software

Does your performance management process make it clear which goals belong to whom and how they contribute to the organizational goals? Are you looking for an easy way to simplify goal tracking and improve employee performance? Employee goal setting software from Trakstar is the solution to make life easier for both employees and managers alike. Request a demo to learn more.

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Align Employee and Company Goals

To keep employees engaged, employee performance should be a priority year-round, not only during annual reviews. That’s why 1000’s of organizations turn to Trakstar for performance management software. With Trakstar, it’s easy to ensure employee goals align with company goals, improve employee engagement and productivity, and even allow for goals to be updated all year long.  Easily keep your team on task and motivated by ensuring they’re working at high levels of effectiveness with regular performance check-ins versus simply setting annual SMART goals to achieve career goals.

Empowering hr professionals at over 3,000 companies

Trakstar Features

Trakstar is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to monitor individual goals big or small with tools that include:


  • Fully flexible review templates and individualized goal management modules for easy tracking of employee goals  
  • Goal modules tailored to include as many goals as needed where you can add a new goal or create a new one — not just during the annual performance review
  • Ability to measure competencies for SMART goals, assign specific tasks to goals, and attach supporting documentation to goals
  • 360 Degree Feedback with input from employee supervisors, peers, and vendors
  • Comments/notes with time-stamps to encourage feedback between managers and employees for real-time employee goal tracking  
  • Visually appealing dashboard with real-time data to recognize top performers and identify those that aren’t performing


Trakstar enables goal setting and tracking throughout the year, which leads to improved employee engagement and productivity where managers and employees meet expectations by working collaboratively. Partner with the leading experts in performance management software and request your free demo of Trakstar today.

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