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Online Performance Management Software

Online performance management software from Trakstar provides leadership and Human Resources teams the tools they need to make informed workforce planning decisions. Real-time, insightful reporting, and an online performance appraisal process simplify tasks for your managers and HR team, making it easy to communicate goals and set schedules to keep people on track. Request a Trakstar demo to learn more.

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Make Informed Workforce Decisions

With a visually appealing, modern interface and a rich feature set, Trakstar allows users to generate flexible reports on Performance Ranking, Rating Distribution, Performance History, Rater Bias, and Rating Distribution. These insightful reports reveal performance trends and their tangible data gives managers and supervisors the information necessary to make informed decisions about the workforce.

Trakstar Features

As the leading cloud-based performance management solution, Trakstar provides HR professionals with the support they need for:


  • Performance Reviews – evaluate job performance and productivity promptly with pre-established criteria and organizational objectives
  • 360-Degree Feedback – gather feedback from an employee’s peers, managers, vendors, and direct reports using only an email address, for a real-time view of an employee
  • Goal Management – monitor goals within a specific timeframe with measurable employee performance results
  • Succession Planning – ensure business operations continue smoothly when key positions resign, retire, or are replaced with timely recruitment and development
  • Applicant Tracking – develop career pages, post to job boards, create flexible recruitment workflows, and collaborate with colleagues throughout the hiring process


Trakstar’s online employee performance management system drives employee performance with a simplified review process, improved communications, and goals that can be tracked, revealing the employee’s contributions to the company. See how you can put your HR and management teams back in control of employee development so that the employees who are over-performing can be recognized and those that are underperforming can get the training they need to succeed. Request your Trakstar demo today.

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